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Because I Could Not Stop For Dex, He Kindly Stopped For Me

Dexter's on his boat, and is in the mood for voice-overing. "Alone. No pretending, no hiding. No time to relax. I'm too close. Jorge Castillo is bad, that I know. But bad enough to kill Yelina's fiance...that I have to prove." Dex busts out his Nikon with its gigantic lens, and points it at "Jorge's not-so-humble abode," where a new Mercedes is pulling into the driveway. "Yeesh -- new money." As he snaps shots, he continues, "Normal people dream of this: a new car, a big home, a boat at the Reefshore Marina...and a beautiful wife." Castillo's now embracing his wife, a thin, blonde thing wearing a lovely sun dress. "Too bad I never enjoy making someone a widow. They're so happy. She has no clue who she's with. Maybe that's the key to a successful relationship." He takes a swig of his beer, and we're off to the next scene.

"Mr. Perry, you were on the grounds of the same hospital where we found Mr. Tucci," Doakes interrogates. Mr. Perry is a nerdy-looking dude with glasses and a slightly grown-out buzz-cut, and he's flipping through some kind of book. "And you were alone that night?" "It was just me and Caesar, my dog," Perry says. He doesn't seem quite right, this guy, but I don't know if he's a suspect or just a witness. "He likes abandoned buildings. Caesar's a ratter." Then, pointing at a picture in the book, he asks, "What'd this guy do?" "Why, does he look familiar?" asks Deb. Perry says he looks like a guy "from that John Singleton movie." Doakes, his patience wearing thin, tells him to focus on the person he saw at Angel of Mercy. "It's difficult to tell, it was dark. He had a cap." Then, Perry starts geeking out about the type of camera they have trained on him, and Doakes, fed up, puts an end to this bullshit interrogation by storming out. Deb tells Mr. Perry, "Gimme a minute."

Deb approaches Doakes, who's going over paperwork with LaGuerta now, but before she can get a work out, LaGuerta says, "Morgan, thank Mr. Perry for his horse shit and send him home." Deb asserts that she's sure he knows something, but LaGuerta's not having it and walks away. Deb's pissed at Doakes. "You could try being a little optimistic. How do you know Perry doesn't know anything?" Doakes: "Because I've been doing this a lot longer than you!" She looks kind of crushed, and she should really learn to get over having her feelings hurt if she's going to continue in this line of work. "This case gets colder every minute you waste on bullshit like Perry. And wanting to blindfold a trauma victim? What the fuck were you thinkin'?" Okay, that's a bit harsh, Doakes. It was just an idea. Deb defends herself by saying that she was trying a "new approach." Doakes suggests that she focus on the basics, and leaves. Wow, he's a prick.

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