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Because I Could Not Stop For Dex, He Kindly Stopped For Me

Next morning, Dexter's hovering over Angel's hungover carcass, trying to motivate him out of bed. "Angel, we're really late for work, amigo." Groaning, Angel sits up a bit. "I guess I had one to many, huh?" "Yeah, then about ten more." Angel gets up, commenting on how neat Dexter's place is, and then heads over to the air conditioner for some cool sweetness. He starts fiddling with the vents and looking inside, but before he can see Dexter's Little Box O' Conquests, Dexter distracts him with some coffee, reminding him "the pressure's on with this Ice Truck Killer situation," and his voice sounds the same way it did when he played the stoner version of David Fischer when Nate narmed on Six Feet Under. Angel says that he'll lock up, and that he needs to go home because his wife will be worried, which...poor guy. Dex says he'll just wait and drop him off at his car. Angel goes to the WC, probably to barf, as Dexter VOs, "Somehow it's reassuring not to be the only one pretending to be normal."

At BloodLab 2021, Masuka is noting that he found a hair on the bedding that's not Tucci's. Of course, it's rat hair that's referring to. Doakes almost flips his lid at the mention of the rats, but it's relevant because the rats chewed up and made off with fabric from the crime scene, as well as who knows what else. Doakes says, "So we go looking for the nests," but Masuka reminds him it's a "wild goose chase," not knowing what they're looking for. Deb suggests going to talk to Tucci again. "He knows more than he thinks, and my gut tells me he can take it." Doakes completely dismisses her, and tells Masuka to run the sheet. Deb steps up: "Alright, I get it. I'm a newbie. But you're old and tired and you need new eyes on this, so when you're ready to let me do my job, you let me know. And, don't you say a fucking word, Masuka!" Nice, Deb! But, what are you picking on Masuka for?

Dexter's doing some more research on Castillo, while VOing, "How do you get rid of the ones that don't pay out? You drop them in the middle of the ocean, tell them to swim for shore. You can't hide for long, Jorge." Oh, yes, dude. I'm getting that awesome feeling! That feeling that tells me Dex is about to pounce on this bastard! Dexter's got a call on his cell, and it's Rita. "I'm sorry I haven't been able to talk to you since," she says, referring to the morgue. She wonders aloud if they'll be able to catch whoever did this. After a sigh, Dex says, "I'm sure he'll get what he deserves." Yes! Rita says she's still a little shaky, and Dexter offers to come over with a DVD, "something light," before he has to work.

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