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Make Your Own Joke About the Thickness of Blood

Hannah goes on that she could never take no for an answer before wondering if that's something they share, and Deb reluctantly concedes that "maybe that's the one thing we have in common." Heh. Also funnily, Deb stares at her first forkful of food for a long moment before consenting to put it in her mouth and then cracks up that she could possibly be eating food prepared by Hannah, but Hannah smirks that it's good, though, right? Deb tells her it is, in fact, and that's easily the most enjoyable scene in the episode, which throws a bit of unexpected light into an offering that's pretty dreary in more than one sense.

In the morning, Dexter tells Harrison it's almost time to go for swimming lessons before apologizing for all the police business. But Jamie's like, "I'm not complaining." Clayton then turns up, and I'd love to see the look on Jamie's face if she were to hear that Dexter's apparently dating Arlene Schram. But no, Clayton's just there to tell him it seems the Hannah McKay threat has died down, so he thinks they should pull off the protective detail. I'm not sure what he's basing this conclusion on, but he could be playing a game here. Either way, Dexter can't really complain without bringing up TBS, which isn't going to happen. Clayton then sees Harrison working on a crayon drawing of himself, Dexter, and a blonde woman, and Dexter holds his breath when Clayton asks who "the pretty lady" is, but after a long moment, Harrison tells him, "That's my mom." Someone's getting double dessert tonight. Dexter, having survived that mini-coronary, sends Harrison off to get his swimming stuff before showing Clayton out, after which he takes a breath, probably hoping Argentina's as stress-free as it's been made out to be.

Elway comes into Deb's office for a closed-door meeting and is like, so your brother dated Hannah McKay and you never mentioned it? He's got a point, but everything he's said for the last few episodes has been in that hurt-but-acting-macho voice that manages to be both vaguely offensive and extremely pathetic. I think they're pretty much past the point where they can do anything interesting with Elway, which given that they've had a whole season to try is pretty poor. Although, since he is a supporting character, it's expected. Elway asks Deb if she saw Hannah in the Keys, and although she denies it fairly convincingly, he doesn't believe her. He also wonders how she can keep him from the reward he'd get for bringing Hannah in. He then petulantly tells her to decide if this is the right job for her, and if not to "get the fuck out." Professional!

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