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Make Your Own Joke About the Thickness of Blood

Actually, Oliver fixes Dexter with a look as he leaves, and when Dexter goes to his car, the front driver's side tire has been slashed. SO FUCKING DUMB. If his plan -- as DVO said -- was to follow Oliver to a secluded place, why didn't he just stay in his car staking out Oliver's truck instead of standing out in plain sight practically wearing an "I'm gonna kill you – ask me how!" sign? Someone points out the obvious, that being that Oliver must have spotted Dexter. Dexter breathes, "He's good at this," and while that might be the case, all he showed here is that he's better at it than you WHICH ISN'T SAYING MUCH. Dexter and someone realize Oliver's likely to think Vogel betrayed him, and Dexter frantically tries to call her but only gets her voicemail…

…and then he's knocking on Vogel's door, having lost whatever time it took to change his tire, I'm guessing. Vogel is like, "Oh, hi, Mr. DRUGGER", and Dexter apologizes before telling her Daniel/Oliver got away. Vogel tells him she appreciates everything he's done, but she'll handle this herself from here on out, as it's a family matter. This slaps Dexter in the face a bit given that he explicitly referred to her as family earlier in the season. He pauses before reminding her she herself said she was his spiritual mother.

Vogel's like, "That may be, but after this morning I hardly trust you." Dexter continues to look hurt but tells her he's going to take care of Oliver, and then he's leaving with Hannah. Some genuine concern breaks through Vogel's newly constructed façade as she warns Dexter that won't end well. But Dexter's like, "Yeah, you and your psycho son should talk." And speaking of which, after Dexter stomps off, Vogel stands with Oliver, who says he believes her now: she didn't send Dexter after him. She offers him some breakfast, and he accepts, calling her "Mom" in the process. She takes his hand…and that's it. On top of everything else wrong with this episode, I knew Vogel's moral compass was screwy, but it's incredibly disappointing.

After the psychological torture he inflicted on her, that she'd just accept him into her life with such abandon. Loving him is one thing, but to treat the decision so casually after everything he's done is another. I kind of want to drop these two and just make the end about Dexter, Hannah, and Deb, but that sure doesn't seem likely. With only three episodes left, though, we're all pretty much pot-committed, so I'll see you next week.

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