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Make Your Own Joke About the Thickness of Blood

She wonders if his desire for revenge is being fueled by having to say goodbye to Hannah, but Dexter confesses that he didn't: "We're going to make a life together." I hope that doesn't mean Hannah's pregnant already. Taken aback, Vogel gathers her thoughts for a moment before telling Dexter she's come to realize he isn't, as she once thought, the perfect psychopath – he has a depth of emotion she wouldn't have believed. Dexter, looking kind of happy to realize it, agrees – he'll kill TBS, but after that, he thinks he can focus on Hannah. Vogel, however, uncomfortably tells him he's missing her point – straddling two worlds is dangerous. "Killers cannot have a full emotional life." Dexter seems slightly offended as he tells her she's underestimating him, so maybe he's planning to laugh and cry when he claims his next victim?

Elway is in his office with a U.S. Deputy Marshal (played by Kenny Johnson of The Shield and Saving Grace), who's not too impressed with Elway's sketchy evidence nor with his request to "be part of the team on this one." I guess he thinks Deb will be impressed if he gets his hands dirty bringing in her mortal enemy? Please, Elway, give it up already. To paraphrase a baby on The Simpsons, "This demeans us both. The marshal does, however, assure Elway that if he finds Hannah, Elway will get the reward money. Not surprisingly, Elway's spirits seem to lift a bit in response.

At the station's food truck, Deb's getting a coffee when Batista approaches and gives her a hug before wondering if she's there to see him, obviously hoping their little exchange about her returning to the force took hold. She tells him, however, that she's there for Quinn before going on about how Matthews would never go for her coming back, given how annoyed he was that she left so abruptly. Batista's undeterred, but when Quinn appears he leaves them alone, whereupon Quinn hands Deb his Zack folder and asks her to check him out as Cassie's killer. When Deb sees the photo, she obviously recognizes Zack from their little run-in at the motel but does a passable job of hiding it as she agrees to get right on it. She then tells Quinn she's going to say hello to Dexter…

…who's busy trying to get a match for that DNA. Deb heads toward his door but is accosted by Nikki, who tells her she can't go in there and gets a "Who the fuck are you?" for her trouble. Objectively, that's probably uncalled for. So it's surely not going to make me look great by telling you if I enjoyed that. Masuka comes running up and is like, "We've got enough blood around here already before introducing the two of them", and Nikki nosily asks why Deb left the Department, which results in an eye-roll that manages to cover both father and daughter. That's some solid impatience!

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