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Make Your Own Joke About the Thickness of Blood

Deb then goes in to see her brother and is like, boy, you really can pick 'em as she hands over the folder and tells him Quinn thinks Zack killed Cassie. Dexter replies that he did too, at first, but he checked it out, and also Zack's dead? Deb seriously looks like she's going to upchuck for a moment before kind of scientifically musing to Dexter she was giving some serious thought to coming back to the force, "but that'll just lead me into another fucked-up situation, won't it?" She doesn't add, "As long as you're here," but after she leaves, the look on Dexter's face suggests he heard it anyway.

He doesn't have time to dwell on it, though, as his DNA analyzer finally spits out its report – the killer is a blood relation of Vogel's. So at this point, the last piece falls into place -- Vogel must have had a child, which is what the references to her being married were about. Damn, I was so close -- I just needed to go one step further and suppose that Creepy Oliver and The Brain Surgeon, my two suspects for Cassie's murder, could actually be the same person. Ah, well, at least the clues actually added up. Dexter looks flabbergasted…

…and then he's back at Vogel's telling her what he learned. Vogel is stunned, as she has no family , at least "not anymore." You see, she had two sons, "Daniel" and "Richard," but, she continues haltingly, one day she found Richard dead at the bottom of their swimming pool, and although she of course first thought it was an accident, she came to realize Daniel was the culprit. She goes on that he was highly intelligent but was devoid of empathy, fear, or any sense of right and wrong – a psychopath. She went into her field to try to help her remaining son, but he proved beyond anything she could do for him. She produces a photo of Daniel as a boy as she tells Dexter she was so determined to help him because she wanted to atone for her failing her son before going on that she and her husband covered up Daniel's involvement in Richard's death and put the fourteen-year-old into a mental hospital. No disrespect to the tragedies she endured but I'd think the latter would get in the way of the former?

It's, perhaps, with that in mind that she sent him to a facility back in England. But the dark side of free healthcare appeared three years later when a fire broke out in Daniel's wing and he and several other children were killed. Given that he faked his death, as we'll learn, I wonder if he set the fire? Dexter warily asks if she actually saw the body, and Vogel tells him no; her husband did, but it was badly burned. Dexter's like, "Yeeeeah", but Vogel finds it hard to believe Daniel could have faked his death. Not to mention the fact that she doesn't know why he'd be doing these terrible things after all this time.

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