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Make Your Own Joke About the Thickness of Blood

Presumably trying to get at that, Dexter asks if the brain pieces mean anything in light of this new information, and Vogel struggles a bit before admitting that even as a child, Daniel was aware of his lack of empathy and that Vogel saw it as a flaw. "It's possible he boxed some up and left it at my door." If that's so, the joke's on him, because Zack didn't have any empathy! Face, Brain Surgeon!

Speaking of faces, Dexter runs Daniel's photo through a projection program and figures it out: "Oliver Saxon" is Daniel Vogel. He checks a UK death record for the name "Oliver Saxon" to be sure, although frankly I can't imagine there aren't a million and one people by that name in England, and then someone sniffs that this doesn't proves he's TBS. Well, someone, you saw the part where the killer is related to Vogel? And where Oliver is Daniel? Exactly how much more proof do you need? Dexter, however, seems to agree with someone as he resolves to get a sample of Oliver's DNA. Sure, dick around a while longer, Dexter. It's not like TBS has killed anyone you care about!

Batista then comes in with the marshal, "Clayton," in tow to "inform" Dexter about Hannah's return, and Dexter does a good job playing off his irritation with the interruption as shock over the "news." Clayton tells Dexter that the way things ended with Hannah makes him a target, but Dexter counters that Hannah is way too smart to risk coming back to Miami. I wonder what Hannah would say if she heard this, given that, you know, that's exactly what she did. Clayton admits that he has no hard information that Hannah's around, but Batista thinks they should put unis on Dexter regardless.

DVO quickly weighs the hassle of that with regard to Hannah against the potential usefulness given that TBS knows where he lives. So he bargains for the cops just to watch his place and Harrison when he goes to school. Batista agrees, whereupon Clayton tells Dexter he's putting Hannah's photo out to the local media and gives him his card in case she contacts him. Dexter's like, "Absolutely, I totally want her behind bars", and it seems like a bit much to us, but I suppose from their point of view he does have some credibility behind that statement. When they're gone, Dexter calls Hannah, who's just about ready to leave, and urgently tells her not to go. But she tells him Arlene's got half a million bucks for her, so he's like, "Hey, for that price I'll drive you myself!" We then get like ten seconds of Hannah sitting down looking worried, and I guess it's not a problem I'll have to witness much longer, but a super-cut of all the filler shots on this show would literally never end.

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