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Make Your Own Joke About the Thickness of Blood

Dexter -- money suitcase in hand-- and Hannah head to the car, and I guess they're sure that Clayton isn't smart enough to, say, only pretend to have driven off. That's probably a trick only the full Marshals know. Dexter babbles about finding a safe place for Hannah to stay, and Hannah's like, "Why am I so sure I'm not going to like this?" Well, because Dexter wants Hannah to stay with Deb! I guess he's not long on people he can trust, but with TBS targeting him and surely knowing about Deb, wouldn't she be safer in some no-tell motel? And is it worth my time asking such questions when the show clearly wants to get Deb and Hannah together come hell or high water?

Deb and Quinn are over talking to Oliver, and I wonder about the protocol given that Deb can't be there in any official capacity. But regardless, Oliver's like, "I'm completely devastated and also crazy busy at work with all those Miami buildings that need inspecting, so can we wrap this up before it's even started?" Quinn asks if that's what he was doing at the time of Cassie's death, and after Oliver says yes and confirms that the place was close by, Deb's like, "It's interesting that you're so busy, given that you were supposed to be going to the Bahamas for like a whole week?" Still got it, Deb!

You could get that badge back today as long as you remember to answer "no" when they ask if you've murdered anyone lately! Oliver's all, "Right, that was silly of me, but Cassie was so into going to the Bahamas and it was totally her idea!" Deb, continuing to wear her cat-that-ate-the-canary face, suggests such a trip would have been a little fast anyway. But Oliver sniffs that it may have been hard for people to understand, but they had something special. He's clearly putting on an act, so I wonder why he's choosing one that screams "jealous boyfriend killer"? He obviously planned to kill Cassie before he even started dating her, so I'm not sure why he's drawing this kind of attention to himself now. And as long as we're on the subject of things I don't understand, why did they cast an Icelandic actor (Darri Ingolfsson) in this role? I can hear his accent on certain words, and it's distracting. They've cast like ten British actors this season…they're not that hard to come by. Anyway, Oliver looks at his watch for like the twenty-fifth time this scene and says he's really got to cut this short, so Quinn and Deb leave…

…and outside, Quinn shows us yet more evidence that Batista made the correct decision as he doesn't think there's anything suspicious about Oliver even after Deb tells him the Bahamas trip was his idea, not Cassie's. You really are a bonehead, Quinn, and not just because you choose this moment to lean in and kiss Deb. Deb's like "…," so Quinn somewhat sheepishly apologizes and says he doesn't know why he did that. If that's true, Quinn, I think anyone in the viewing audience could help you out with ten reasons were they not so busy rolling their eyes.

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