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Make Your Own Joke About the Thickness of Blood

…a fact he has brought her in the next scene, along with his current photo. Vogel's stunned, of course, but not so much that she doesn't think to ask Dexter what he's going to do when he finds Oliver. Dexter's retort is literally "What do you think?" and when Vogel somewhat weakly replies that she's not sure how she feels about that. Dexter sternly reminds her he's killed four innocent people …plus Zack. Vogel wisely doesn't try to spin Oliver killing Zack as evidence that he's following the Code. Instead, she stammers that she could try putting him back into a facility. Sounding firmer, she goes on that she won't let Dexter kill him -- her younger son is gone-- but possibly she'll have a second chance with Daniel/Oliver. DVO realizes that his best play for both their safety is to go along and tell her what she wants to hear, so he agrees before asking if she can think of a way to reach out to him.

Vogel racks her brain for a minute before recalling that she associates the Mama Cass song with one of her few happy memories with Daniel: when he was a boy, she used to take him to the "Kings Bay Café" in the marina, it had a jukebox, and Daniel would always play that song. Wow. I mean, I'm sure a lot of people aren't thrilled with Oliver as TBS, given that we didn't have much investment in him. I'm actually fine with it, but a lot of other stuff about this episode bothers me, starting with this: Vogel didn't see fit to mention she had an empathy-hating killer son before now? And the association with this song didn't come to mind earlier? I realize she thought he was dead, but have a little imagination or at least watch a nighttime soap, my God.

Dexter wonders if the song is an invitation, and that's got to be lazy writing/plotting too, because: (a) Oliver sure wasn't in a hurry to make sure she heard it, and (b) why not just give her a call? I don't know if they're going to address this in future episodes, but his plan was ridiculously byzantine if all he wanted was for her to contact him. Was he going to kill people and remove their brains ad infinitum until she took a trip to the diner? This is the unsatisfying part for me -- not TBS's identity, but his motivations.

Anyway, based on Oliver's knowledge of Zack, Dexter comes to the conclusion that Oliver's been monitoring Vogel's laptop, and it's annoying that he's going to be proven right given that Dexter seems to have conveniently forgotten that Oliver saw Zack with him. He tells Vogel to write an entry in her journal about going to the Kings Bay the next morning, and as she gets to work, DVO admits he doesn't like deceiving her but says he's got to get to Oliver. She would have understood back when she thought you were a perfect psycho, Dexter!

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