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Blast From The Past

On the way out to his car, Dexter walks in slow-motion as he VOs, "It's one thing to fuck with me, another to fuck ex-girlfriend who hates me." Heh. "The Lila experiment is officially over." Yes! Holy shit, that's great!

Lila slides open her loft door to a pissed-looking Dexter. "Dextah!" "Give me Rita's key," he says in that cold monotone that is really intimidating. He walks at her, forcing her to back up into the space. "Well, that's your fault, isn't it, Dexter?" says Lila. "You lied to me about working late, and I thought I might find you there." "Do not ever go to Rita's house again, do you understand?" says Dexter. Lila doesn't answer, only holds up the key. He grabs her hand and snags the key as he repeats, "Do you understand?" "Hmm, is this the monster you keep telling me about?" says Lila sarcastically. "Trust me, when you meet the monster, you'll know," says Dexter. "You called Jimenez." "Yeah, I suppose I did," says Lila breezily. Twat. Dexter: "Why? Why would you try to have me killed?" "You weren't going to get killed," says Lila. "That's why I did it at the bowling alley -- so your police officer friends would be there." Dexter grabs Lila violently by the arms: "What were you thinking? Are you insane?" "I was trying to bring us back together again!" Lila cries. "You were pulling away!" Dexter drops Lila into a chair and backs away as she continues: "Remember at the hotel, after you faced Jimenez? That's what I wanted! To bring you back!" "So you called him?" Dexter demands. "Well, it worked, didn't it?" Lila protests. "Last night? You and I? You fell asleep in my arms." Lila's voice is all squeaky and high. God, I hate her. Dexter just stares at her with an enlightened face. "What?" she screams, seemingly frightened. " are more dangerous than my addiction will ever be. That's saying a lot." He leans in close to her face, and says, "Stay away from Rita. Stay away from me." "Or what?" "Or you will see the monster." Um, yes please! Show her the monster, dude!

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