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Blast From The Past

At Rita's, the kids are "making" breakfast, and by that I mean they're slamming full eggs and cereal into a bowl and mixing it all around, making a mess. Rita tells them that when she told them they could make breakfast, she was referring to cereal, and she exasperatedly starts to clean up. Dexter's outside, and hovers by the door with the key in his hand, realizing that it might not be cool for him to have it anymore. "I guess I should give Rita back her key," he VOs, holding a box of donuts. He puts the key away and rings the doorbell. The kids run to the door, and they're excited to see him: "It's Dexter! And he brought donuts!" Rita looks both relieved at the breakfast solution, and also a bit irritated at the sight of Dex. Dexter pulls out Cody's action figure, and Cody's amped: "I knew you'd find it!" He's just controlling you, Dex. Kidding, kidding! After noticing Rita's icy glare, Dex says he hopes it's cool that he dropped by. Rita doesn't reply to this, but asks Dex to watch the kids as she gets ready: "Astor still has homework."

A little while later, Rita comes out dressed as Dexter finishes looking over Astor's homework. Rita thanks him, hands the kids their lunches, and tells them to meet her at the car. After they've left, Dexter says, "Good thing I dropped by." "Don't ever do it again," Rita replies. Hurt by this, Dexter meekly apologizes. Rita explains, "It's too hard on the kids, and it's too hard on me. It's Paul all over again. Please, Dexter, just stay away." Damn, that's rough, Rita. Dexter nods, surprised at this reaction. Aw, poor guy. He should murder someone to take the edge off.

Down at the station, Lundy is introducing the "new faces" he's brought in from the Bureau to investigate the precinct, and explains, "Our immediate task is to investigate every criminal case involving our eighteen victims." "Where would you like us to start?" asks Angel. Lundy: "By answering every question as honestly and with as much detail as you can." Angel's perplexed: "Answering questions?" "That's correct," says Lundy. "I can hardly expect you to investigate your own cases." "Are we under investigation?" asks Deb disbelievingly. Lundy: "We are now operating under the assumption that our killer is somehow connected to law enforcement, whether he be a file clerk, a dispatch officer, or park ranger." "Or a police officer," says Deb. Lundy confirms this, and a random officer asks whether that's why Lundy brought in "all these suits." Angel reminds Lundy that he risks alienating every cop on the force by doing this, and Lundy replies that they "go where the chase leads [them], even if it gets messy."

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