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Blast From The Past

Bowling night's over, and they guys are heading to their cars. Masuka and Angel split with Dex and Lila, who head towards Dex's van. Lila leans in to Dex and says, "Mmm, I hope you saved enough energy for me." Bitch, back the fuck off. Dexter gives her an unsure look, and then we see Santos Jimenez, Laura Moser's killer, hunched behind his truck. As Dexter's telling Lila that he just wants to go home and get some sleep, Jimenez lunges out. Lila warns Dexter at the last minute when she sees Jimenez, and Dexter wheels around in time to defend himself, but not fully: he gets sliced across the arm with Jimenez's knife. Lila screams and summons Masuka and Angel back, but Jimenez runs for it. How the hell did Jimenez find Dexter? That's fucked up. Angel asks what the hell happened, and Dexter covers that the guy went for his watch; you can see on Lila's face that she knows it's not true. Everyone makes sure that Dexter's okay, and he assures them that he's fine, and doesn't need to see a doctor. "I'll take care of him," says Little Miss Pardon My Tits. Yeah, I'll bet you will. I'll bet you love that this happened, asshole.

Later, Lila finishes stitching Dexter up in her loft (which is, obviously, filled with tons of candles). "So, who was it?" she asks. Dexter: "Huh?" "That man," says Lila. "He wasn't trying to rob you, he was trying to kill you." Dexter comes clean that it was Jimenez, saying he figures he must have "tracked [Dexter] down and followed [him] to the bowling alley." He adds, "If you hadn't seen him in time --" "Ssh, I did see him, that's all that matters," says Lila. "None of this scares you?" Dexter asks. "Nothing you could do, Dexter, would scare me," Lila tells him. "I believe you," he says, and they collapse back on the bed together. "Whatever comes," she says, "we'll get through this together. I'm not leaving your side, Dexter." "I'm not leaving yours," he replies. Shit! I'll bet she planned this shit, that conniving little douche, just to get Dexter back on her side. I fucking loathe this chick. "Really?" asks Lila. "Why would ask that?" says Dexter. "You've just been a bit distant lately," Lila tells him. "I get that way when I'm stressed," says Dexter. She asks what he's stressed about, and he tells her, "Right now, nothing." They look into each other's eyes, and start making out after a while. This shit needs to end, pronto.

Over at Rita's, she's putting the kids down for bed. "Do you think Dexter will come for breakfast tomorrow?" asks Cody. Rita says she doesn't think so, but Cody presses the issue, so Rita has to explain that she and Dexter broke up. "Why?" asks Cody. "They don't like each other anymore," says Astor. "Well, that's not true," says Rita. "Does that mean he doesn't like us, either?" asks Cody. "No, of course he likes you!" says Rita, heartbroken at the question. "It's just, it's hard when two people break up. It makes them sad to see each other. I don't think Dexter's gonna be coming for breakfast for a while." Astor steels herself in her bed, and Rita says, "Sorry."

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