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Stick a Fork In Him

Anyway, the guy pulls the ENORMOUS GUN on Dexter, and then they use Brian to cover up another glaring inconsistency, as first we see Brian pick up a pitchfork and stab the guy, but then we pan around his back and see Dexter's the one who did it. Of course, the fancy camerawork distracts from the fact that there's NO WAY IN HELL Dexter could have gotten the drop on the guy, particularly not with a weapon as unwieldy as that, and you can claim that what we're watching in regard to the Brian stuff isn't supposed to be an accurate representation of the show's reality anyway, but between this, Harry and EJO, I'm beyond tired of not being able to trust anything I'm seeing on screen. This show isn't nearly good enough to require effort. Anyway, Dexter does look evil enough as the guy regards him in horror with his dying breath, although again, being surprised that BLACKMAILING A GUY WHO CARRIES A HUGE GUN AND A MILLION KNIVES could end in tragedy seems a little naïve, to say the least, but we'll ignore that in getting to the best part of not just the episode but probably the entire season, as, still holding the pitchfork, Dexter backs up so that he and Brian are framed in front of a picture of the exact structure in the painting "American Gothic," made so much better by the fact that they don't call any particular attention to it. Bravo, show, you got me on that one. (The original is here, in case you're unfamiliar.)

Brian practically attends his own personal version of JizzFest, so excited is he at this idiot's death, and Dexter admits that he now feels like anything is possible, and after they take care of Jonah, "we keep going." I'm still wondering how they're going to catch up with Jonah, given the now-huge head start and the fact they have no idea where he went, but hey, he did say anything is possible.

Oh, but first, Dexter has to dump the guy into a silo full of corn. Even in Bumblefuck, that's got to violate some sort of health code.

At his apartment, Colin Hanks finds a photo from his graduation of him and EJO. After consideration, he stuffs it into a traveling bag, along with some of his books...

...and then he turns up to the church to tell EJO he doesn't want those things of his anymore. EJO conversationally notes that Colin Hanks could have dumped them in the trash, but says that if Colin Hanks wants him to beg, so be it -- and then offers, without looking up, "Please, [Colin Hanks], come back to me," in the most flat monotone possible. See, even EJO is making me laugh in this episode. Colin Hanks is unamused, but EJO won't let him go without citing some terrible stories that have happened in the news recently, adding that they're evidence of why the world has to end. Colin Hanks snaps and yells at EJO to shut up, but EJO isn't so easily intimidated, and asks what he wants. Colin Hanks's voice breaks as he says he wants to be free, and after a long moment, EJO says he'll talk to God, and he releases him. "You know where the door is." Colin Hanks wastes no time in getting out of there...

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