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Stick a Fork In Him

...while Colin Hanks, in his sister's kitchen, finds the photo of him and EJO he seemed to leave at the church. So, you know, cuckoo!

As he returns to Miami, DVO wonders if maybe darkness can't exist without light, and honestly, DVO, do you know how to torture a metaphor or what? Dexter stops to pick up a hitchhiker -- Harry, who greets him: "Welcome home, son." Dexter looks happy to see him, and they drive off...but next week, Deb and Miami Metro track Colin Hanks down.

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. Believe it or not, he's worked with Michael C. Hall, as well as Lucy Liu and Peter Fonda, on his film "The Trouble With Bliss," (formerly "East Fifth Bliss") which will be in theaters in March 2012 and about which you can get information here.

Also, he writes about film and television on his blog "Pull Up A Chair," which he would just love for you to visit. And you can follow him on Twitter here.

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