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Stick a Fork In Him

Deb is clearly broken up as she struggles for a bit before telling Dexter the news -- Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity Killer, has struck again, as his wife and daughter have turned up dead. And while this is disturbing news, given that we know as well as Dexter does that Trinity did not have anything to do with this, the super-ominous music on the soundtrack seems a bit overdone. Also, in case you're one of the people who were only drawn into this show by the amazingly powerful Lumen season, Brian is here to inform you that Dexter killed Trinity. Deb tells Dexter that Jonah claimed to see his father shove his mother down the stairs (not exactly his M.O. on his Killings No. 2, but it's close enough, especially for a cop as bad as Deb). Arthur then apparently tried to bludgeon Jonah to death, but Jonah "fought him off," after which he went upstairs and found his sister dead in the tub. When Deb reveals the name of some town in Nebraska that's basically the Mitchell family's Cape Feare, Brian suggests a road trip, and Dexter's quick to cite emotional turmoil the news has caused over Rita (you remember her, she came right before Lumen?), so Deb tells him to take the day off. And however whiny she may get later in the episode, she is pretty clear on the length of time she's offering.

Colin Hanks is apparently staying with his sister now, who says she loves having him there, but "usually" when he comes to stay with her, there's some problem he needs her to hear. Colin Hanks makes a joke about how he needs help turning off the predictive text on his phone, as it "corrected" a message he wrote to his boss to read that he was going to "JizzFest."'s nice to see him lighten up, but the autocorrect wouldn't change "jazz" to "jizz," and I don't think God Boy has enough of a sense of humor to make that up himself. His sister, however, is unfazed, offering that maybe he'll get a promotion, and fine, I can accept that they have an easy relationship but if they're this close and he's sick enough to hallucinate EJO all the time you'd think she'd catch some inkling that he's not the same person she knew somewhere along the line.

Anyway, he wants her to take the whole day off, but she claims she has parent-teacher conferences, which "are a bitch to reschedule." Especially during the day when the parents ostensibly have jobs? Also, as soon as I found out he had a sister, I figured that Colin Hanks's ultimate crisis would be that "EJO" would order him to kill her, but the way she cavalierly tosses around words like "bitch" let us know her fate is sealed for sure. As if to drive home that point, when she leaves the room, Colin Hanks looks out the window and sees EJO standing there with an accusing glare on his face. Colin Hanks opens the side door and informs EJO that he's done with the whole deal, and when EJO scoffs and tries to enter, Colin Hanks closes the door on him. EJO ominously tells him that God's will doesn't stop because he wants to "play house" with his sister, and until he gets it together, he'll carry on His work for the both of them. Colin Hanks looks not at all pleased with this turn of events.

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