Once Upon A Time…

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And They Lived Stabbily Ever After

Deb meets Matthews in his old office. He says that he remembers when he was there, with her father. Corruption was everywhere. Deb says that her father said you never knew who to trust. Matthews says that Harry was a good one and so is Deb. He says that he's making her Lieutenant. And she bursts out laughing with disbelief. He's serious. "Fuck Balls. You're serious...sir." He tells her that she's just what the department needs. Fresh face and new ideas. She's still shocked. She says that this is Angel's job and he deserves it. Matthews agrees but says that Angel has baggage. Also, he reminds her that the city considers her a hero. She's stunned but says that this is an honor. She's handling this a lot better than the proposal. She says that she would be Masuka's boss. Wait, she'd be everybody's boss. He tells her that they'll talk about it more the next day then calls her "Lieutenant" before leaving. She repeats the word to herself after he leaves then asks what the fuck is going on today.

Dexter is playing with Harrison and looking at pictures of the crime scene where Sam killed a dude. I'm not sure multi-tasking is so important now. Just play with the kid. You can plan your killing later. Harrison says, "Daddy's box." I guess. Whatever! This means that Harrison is putting all of the pieces together, I guess. Harry is there to warn him about this. Then, Deb knocks on the door and tells him that she's the new Lieutenant. They have some beers and she says that she can't imagine what Matthews is thinking. Dexter tells her that she's a great cop and also VO's that she might be in charge of the department that hunts him down one day. Seriously though. That should be happening soon. Deb asks Dex is he ever wondered why Harry didn't make "LT." He VO's that Harry had his hands full with him. He says aloud that it's possible he didn't want the job. Deb says that, after Harry's funeral, she felt a sense of relief because she'd always been trying so hard to get his attention. She says that, if she takes/gets this job, she'll have achieved more than Harry ever did, which scares her. He was her litmus test for what a cop should be and now she'll entering territory that is uncharted by him. That's a pretty fully formed belief system for such a confused person. She doesn't know how to judge whether or not she's doing a good job. He tells her that if she doesn't want the job she shouldn't take it, but she tells him to fuck off of course she wants it. "Holy shit, I really want it." She gets a call from Quinn and doesn't take it. She forgot that she needs to answer his proposal. Dex points out that, if she marries Quinn, her initials will be DQ. She threatens to kill him and also asks him if she can stay there for the night.

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