Once Upon A Time…

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And They Lived Stabbily Ever After

Travis creeps into an apartment and we hear someone rustling in a kitchen. There's a woman putting something in an oven and he walks behind her and puts his hand on her shoulder. Naturally, she screams, but she doesn't drop the dish that she's holding. She knows Travis but he's upset that she said "goddammit" after she screamed. I'm not sure what he was expecting. He's lucky he didn't get a hot casserole right in his face. The actress is Molly Parker and she's awesome, though Canadian. They're really filling out the supporting parts with some fine actors this season, but I have to say that poor Colin Hanks has gotten the shit end of the stick so far. I'm not sure he's ever going to have anything to do other than look terrified and conflicted. Travis gets a hug and they sit for dinner. He's wolfing his food down and she tells him to slow down and save room for dessert. He can't stay for dessert -- he has to work. She says that he works too much. Then, she tells him that being a fifth grade art teacher is hard. The kids are obsessed with a flock of dead birds found up north and they all think it's the end of the world. Cue slow-burn from Travis. What if it is the end of the world? Well, then they'd better eat that ice cream quickly. Ha! So, this lady, she's not one to notice red flags. Travis, her brother, is acting like textbook crazy town. Is a joke about ice cream really your reply when someone suggests that they think the world might be ending? They probably still call Uncle Larry's partner his "roommate." She tells Travis that she misses him and wants to spend time with her baby brother. He agrees to stay for dessert.

The next day, Dexter, accompanied by bouncy music, purposefully backs his car into a dumpster, all the while taking care to not spill his coffee. Monsters need caffeine too. He takes the car to Brother Sam's shop. Everybody stares at him funny. A guy asks if he's a parole officer and he says that he's there to see Brother Sam about some body work. He finds Sam in the back, hitting a punching bag. Sam deduces that he's not from around there and Dexter says that a co-worker recommended him. Dex wonders if it's the Holy Spirit or Sam's dark passenger that's checking him out. As he's looking at Dexter's car, Dex notices a "Good Shepherd" mural on the side of his building. Dex asks about it and Sam says that the men at the shop are his flock and it's his job to not let them wander. Dexter says that's a big job, but Sam says he has a lot to answer for. Sam says that he killed a man and walked away free. He needs to pay. He said that last part in unison with Dexter's VO. Somebody owes somebody a Coke. Dexter says that he's surprised to hear him say this and Sam replies that the Spirit moves him to share his story. He was on trial to go to death row when the presiding judge died, causing a mistrial. That's odd. Then, he got picked up later for a drug possession and found religion in prison. Some guy comes out and says that Nick hasn't shown up- Sam says to find him and tell him that he's coming to get him. Dexter accepts the estimate and tells Sam that he will be seeing him soon.

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