Once Upon A Time…

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And They Lived Stabbily Ever After

A group of guys get out and ask for the guy that Sam took. Dexter asks if there's a problem and Sam asks if this is his idea of standing back. A guy with a lead pipe approaches Dexter and asks him if he's deaf. He's not, but he's quick. He grabs the lead pipe and nails the guy. Sam tells them to go and the leader pulls out a gun and says that he's not leaving without his dude. Sam just stands him down and talks about God stuff. Dexter can't tell if he's crazy or a liar. Then, he shows his Miami Metro badge and the guys leave. Sam says that he's praying for them, but they threaten to get him later. They leave and Sam says it was a miracle. Dexter reveals that he is just a lab geek, but Sam says he doesn't fight like a geek. Then, he laughs and says that this has been an evening full of wonders.

It looks like Travis and Eddie Olmos have been camping out in an abandoned church. Eddie asks where Travis was the night before. He says that he was with his sister. She cares about him and he couldn't get away. Eddie says that his sister can't be saved, but Travis implores that she's the only thing she has. No, he has him and God. Sounds like a party. So, Eddie is holding a pipe of some sort over a fire and approaches Travis and says that "this" is what he wants. It looks like he's going to brand Travis or something, but he actually burns himself and says that he's suffering for Travis's sins. Travis begs him to stop and swears to never see his sister again. Eddie says it's his job to take care of him, not his sister's. Travis cries and says that he will show him that he is worthy.

Deb goes home to find take-out Chinese food surrounded by a heart of candles. She just comes out and says that she can't marry him. He asks why she's with him then. It's too complicated or something for her. She liked the way things were. He says that's not good enough for him, but she says she doesn't want more. He leaves and tells her to be gone when he's back. After he's gone, she says, "Oh. And I'm your new boss."

At home, Harry tells Dexter that it looks like Sam is really a changed man. Dex looks up the leader of the pack that came after him today -- he'll be taking Sam's place. The next morning, Dexter is looking for a shirt and he promises Jamie that Deb's staying there is temporary. Deb is in her dress blues and asks Dexter if she's making a mistake. He says that he doesn't know. As Harrison is getting older, he's finding that he doesn't believe in much. But, he knows that she'll be a great Lieutenant. She says that he'll be the person she thinks of making proud now.

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