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Show and Kill

Maria asks Angel how his booting of Deb went. She congratulates him for his work and hands him his new gold badge as Deb looks on. Meanwhile, Rita is reading a pamphlet of hotel management courses and cooking chocolate pudding and listening to that same sultry music.

Dexter gets his permanent crown.

Deb gets in the elevator and Angel races to get in. She tries to let the door close and calls him "Sergeant Asshole" when he gets in. He holds the door and gets the rest of the officers to join them. They're going for more drinks and Deb seems to forgive him. Maria looks on as they all leave. I wonder if she's going to tell him he can't hang with the others.

Yuki catches up with Deb again outside of the bar where the people are. Deb says that the other cops are her friends and family and she's not going to rat on them. Yuki says, "Shh. It's the sound of your shield, calling for help." That's mean. Is that really how Internal Affairs works? Cause I might want that job. Deb leaves and walks into the bar.

Sitting in his car, Dexter VO's that Harry told him that he wouldn't be able to change who he is. He says he needs to evolve since he killed Oscar. Change is good. He finds Rita in the kitchen and remarks that they're listening to the same music and having pudding again. "Oh shit. I've done this before. I'm pregnant." Dexter is STUNNED. That's awesome.

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