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Show and Kill

The next morning, Dexter is making breakfast for Astor and Cody. He asks Astor in which fun shape she would like her pancakes to be grilled and she declares that she would just like normal, round pancakes. Dexter seems stunned. Rita approaches and explains that Astor is growing up. Dexter didn't read Dr. Spock's Today Round Pancakes, Tomorrow Belly Button Piercings and seems confused. Rita says "it starts when it starts." Cody asks Dexter if would come to his school for Dad Day, which is the next day. Dexter seems psyched and says, "Just tell me what to do!" The kids leave for school and Dexter seems stunned that he's so... I don't know, happy? Stunned that he's glad to be around people? I'm still figuring out what it is that Dexter really wants. I understand that killing is what makes him feel alive and all, but... his desire to live with Rita and the kids. He clearly has actual feelings for them, or something akin to actual feelings. Are they separate things in his head? Like, is there the Dexter that enjoys a good slice and dice and the Dexter that likes sweet little kids? Or, does the Dexter that is a killer like both things. I'm Dexter, I like decapitating things and I like my girlfriend's kids. Maybe this shouldn't be so confusing for me. In any event, it's interesting.

With the kids gone, Rita asks Dexter if he hears that. She's talking about the calm -- figuratively and literally. It's calm in the house, but with her great kids, lack of drama, and great guy Dex -- she's calm everywhere, for the first time in her life. As she hugs him, Dexter grins with the satisfaction of a guy who has just fooled the whole world.

Dexter goes to his apartment. God, they make Miami look so beautiful. Dex VO's that most "normal" people enjoy a silent pact with society -- live a good life and society will take care of you. But, sometimes society drops the ball and someone else has to pick up the slack. That's Dexter's job. I think he's only concentrating on the people who aren't living a good life. For example, we have on Dexter's computer screen one Fred Bowman, a.k.a. Freebo. He's a cute frat boy type with a black eye in his mug shot. He apparently killed two college girls and got away with it. We see photos of the two girls that he killed and it's sad but lucky that he apparently killed actresses, as their 3/4 headshots perfectly serve this expository purpose. We see an additional two photos of their shriveled corpses. That's an extreme makeover. I can still see one of the girls' highlights on her corpse. I'm not kidding. Florida's Catch and Release program is the reason Freebo got off for the murders.

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