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Show and Kill

Dexter looks up to a photo of his father. The anniversary of his birthday is coming up and Dex wonders what to get him. "How about Freebo?" Oh, that hadn't been decided? I thought we already knew that was going to happen.

At the station, Dexter enters with doughnuts for everyone -- it's part of his routine. He has also memorized the routine of others: Angel always gets the bear claw and Vince gets the lemon custard. Vince says that the lemon custard is better than sex, but then he reconsiders. He asks Dexter if he wouldn't mind proofreading the article that he's writing for Forensics Quarterly. I love to read that all cuddled on the couch on a weekday, right after reading The I'd Rather Gouge My Own Eyes Out Review. Heady stuff. Vince says that the Quarterly reached out to him because he was the L.F.I. (Dexter corrects him, "Lead Forensics Investigator") on the B.H.B. (Dexter again -- "Bay Harbor Butcher"). OK, I don't dislike Vince, but the excessive use of acronyms is worse than anything that Freebo character has ever done. Dexter agrees to proofread for Vince. Deb, with a fancy new short hairdo, enters and grabs a doughnut. Vince tells Dexter that the Quarterly article isn't a huge deal (it is to him) because he has been published before. Deb says that Penthouse Forum doesn't count. Vince protests, saying "that letter was famous."

Dexter crosses the floor and gives a doughnut to a smiling, sexy, shaved-head cop who says, "Death by pastry." He approaches Deb and tells her that he likes her haircut, it makes her look younger. She kind of seizes up a bit and says defensively that she doesn't want to look younger. Bad call, he says. He compliments her on her handling of the Rinaldi case and she deflects it, saying that a murder/suicide is pretty straightforward. Well, he says that her report was still good -- then he walks away. I wonder, and this is just a hunch, but... I wonder if there's going to be something between Deb and this shaved-headed guy. My crack intuition at work. I guess there's no real reason for the people making this show to be subtle about such a thing, but sometimes scenes like that can seem a bit ham-fisted.

Dexter's back and Deb says that Quinn (that's the shaved guy) has only been in homicide for two weeks and he noticed... her hair. Dexter didn't notice. That's crazy. It's the first time she's changed her hair since she was 8. He's just like, "Oh yeah, it's short -- er. It's shorter." He says that Quinn was just trying to show off his detective skills and Deb launches into how if he thinks he's going to sleep with her, he's wrong. Well, from the out of the blue nature of her outburst, I'm going to disagree with her and say that Quinn is probably very right about getting to sleep with her. Deb asks Dexter if he has noticed that she has given up booze, men, and cigarettes for 27 days. Sounds horrible. It doesn't look like Dexter has noticed either. Deb thinks that the doughnut delivery is Dexter remembering their father's birthday (it isn't) and she reminds Dexter to meet her at the Blue Room to honor him, just like they do every year. But, I thought the doughnut delivery was part of Dexter's routine? If he does it all the time, how could that be an example of him remembering a birthday? Anyway, Dexter says he will be at the celebration.

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