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Show and Kill

At the coffee machine, Laguerta tells Angel that she tried to call him the night before. He replies that he wasn't home. Well, she also tried to call his cell phone. Then, she points out that he's wearing the same pants that he did yesterday. And, she also knows that he's wearing the back-up shirt that he keeps in his locker. Bitch, I didn't do my laundry. He doesn't say that. He does, however, remind her that her proposed restructuring of the department included her staying out of the personal lives of the other officers. He says he had a great time the night before, she should be happy for him, and what's it to her? I'm wondering this myself. This is what it is to her -- she takes him to the center of the office and tells everyone that she just got word that Angel will no longer be Detective Bautista. He'll be Detective Sergeant Bautista ! Wow, Laguerta really has a flair for the dramatic, no? She couldn't announce his promotion with a nice lunch or something? She likes to keep them on their toes. What Laguerta giveth (though it was upstairs that did the giving), Laguerta can taketh away. Everybody applauds him. Laguerta apologizes for the red tape (and the crazy girlfriend scolding?) and tells him that no one deserves the promotion more than he does. He says that once he has his new gold badge, drinks are on him. He and Laguerta hug.

Deb is standing behind Dexter, who is drinking OJ from a straw. It looks like he has some sensitivity in the tooth that his dentist worked on. Deb asks Dexter if he realizes what Angel's promotion means for her. "Pay raise?" "No, dildo." That's awesome. She continues, saying that with Angel as her new supervisor, she will definitely be promoted to detective. As Dexter is about to leave, Vince approaches him with his article. He regards Deb's haircut, making Dexter look a little more like an asshole.

Later, Dexter approaches a pink house in the suburbs. It belongs to Freebo and Dexter is there to get the "lay of the land." He approaches the house eating Oreo cookies. One kid on a bicycle whistles, alerting another kid on another bicycle in the yard of the pink house. He asks Dexter what he wants. Dex is doing his best James Franco in City By The Sea and says that he's there to see Freebo. The guy asks why and Dexter says it's because Freebo has the best stuff. So, I'm assuming that eating Oreo's is like the secret knock or something? The guy on the bike seems incredulous and asks Dexter if googled Freebo or something. Dexter employs a little reverse psychology and says eff it, he can get his dope from another place. The guy says to hold on and for Dexter to not walk away all "Fuck You" from him.

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