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Show and Kill

Dexter enters to find Freebo bowling on his Wii while sitting on the couch. Dex tells him that he's looking to score some product, but Freebo is more interested in his game. He shoots a 7-10 split and Dexter offers him some advice about his form. Freebo mentions that he's had a "desultory third quarter." And, he wants to know if Dexter is interested in buying his TV. This economic downturn is really affecting everyone, huh? Dexter tells him that he's actually interested in scoring some black tar heroine and Freebo says he must be another yuppie turning to the dark side. If this guy only knew. A pretty, strung-out girl comes out of another room and tells Freebo that she needs some drugs. He says, "Jeez, Tegan, I'm transacting here." She persists and he tells her to fuck off. "I guess your dick can suck itself from now on!" she shouts then stomps out. That's actually pretty funny for a junkie. Not that junkies can't be funny, but I'd imagine you'd lose a lot of whatever sense of humor you had once you starting jonesing for some junk. So, Freebo tells Dexter that Tegan is about to redefine "short-term relationship." Then, he asks Dexter if he catches his drift. Dexter says that he does. Well, could he explain it to us? Did he just admit to his client that he was about to kill Tegan? Otherwise, if the thing is that they just don't date anymore, well that would be the exact current definition of "short-term relationship." Somebody's dipping into the merchandise. This Freebo doesn't seem very threatening to me. So, Dexter VO's, "I'm entirely confident you've earned the privilege of being repurposed as fish food."

Dexter goes to an empty crack den nearby that Narcotics had raided the day before. He sets up his killing shop, including the headshots of the two dead girls.

Meanwhile, Deb is in a counter in a diner, putting sugar in her coffee. Suddenly, this woman at the other end of the counter says, "Raw. You like it raw." Instead of saying, "Get out of my head" Deb is stunned and replies, "Excuse me?" She's talking about the sugar. Oh! The raw sugar! Cause, you see, I thought -- that was just really funny how you said raw to her like that. Made me think something else. The woman says it's her job to notice things. Then, she notices Deb's haircut. Now Deb is like, "Who the fuck are you?" The woman chuckles and announces herself as Yuki Amado, from Internal Affairs. Deb is immediately a little distant. She asks if Deb knows Joey Quinn. She says that she really doesn't. Well, he started attracting the attention of Internal Affairs when he was in Narcotics and they are looking for someone to do a little recon now. Deb asks if she's high and Yuki laughs and says she's not, she's never been high. Her hair is very Danity Kane, this Yuki. Deb says she's not a rat and Yuki starts to leave. Deb asks her what they think Quinn is up to and she very casually says that Deb doesn't get to blow her off then ask her questions.

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