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Show and Kill

That night, Dexter shows up to kill Freebo. He's relieved to hear loud music -- it's a cover. And, it's dark in the neighborhood. This is gonna go swell. Dexter is really sweaty-looking right now. When he arrives at the door, the music is so loud that the glass in the door is shaking. He enters and it doesn't look like anyone's there. He looks through a few rooms. Nothing. Then, he walks into a room and some guy is strangling Freebo. Dexter's entrance distracts the strangler and Freebo breaks free and runs out of the room. The guy has a knife (not sure why he was bothering with the rigors of strangling then) and, when he sees Dexter, he goes after him with it. They struggle and he slams Dexter against the kitchen wall, causing that temporary crown to pop out of his mouth. They go around a little more, but Dexter prevails and pushes the knife into the guy. As he's dropping to the floor, he says to Dexter, "Who are you?" Dexter says back to him, "Who are you?" After the guy has expired, Dexter starts frantically looking for his crown on the floor. Then, we hear his bicycle henchman from earlier banging on the door and calling for Freebo. Dexter stops his search, pulls the knife out of the guy on the floor, and jets.

He frantically strikes his killing lab. Dexter VO's that he doesn't know what just happened. He has never killed anyone before whose guilt he wasn't absolutely certain of. He just did something completely in the moment. This is completely outside of Harry's Code. He's a mixture of freaked and euphoric. As he's driving away, he sees one of Freebo's doormen. He knows that it will be only a matter of time before someone calls in the dead guy -- because heroin dealers always call the police first thing when there's a problem.

Dexter gets a call from Rita. She's lighting candles in her bedroom and playing that sultry music from earlier. She tells Dexter that she knows it's not one of their regular nights, but she really wants to see him. She's gonna be really disappointed blowing out all of those candles if he can't do it. Oh, he can do it. The next scene we see is of them mid shag. Dexter remarks on the fact that Rita has been on fire of late. That's not a complaint though, just an observation. He looks at his cell phone and Rita asks him where his mind is, so he focuses on her. They celebrate their afterglow in front of an open refrigerator eating chocolate pudding. Rita declares, "God created chocolate pudding, then He rested." Dexter says that it's "manna from heaven" which I think might be a little bit redundant, because isn't all manna from heaven? Any manna I ever heard of. He asks what the kids will do for dessert the next day. She'll give them tangerines.

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