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Show and Kill

Dexter's cell phone rings, so he leaps to answer it, with Rita right behind him. It's a telemarketer from a long-distance provider. Rita asks why they are calling so late -- Dexter says it's not late in India, where he presumes the call center must be. OK, they actually just alerted me to the fact that a telemarketer wouldn't be calling this late. And, call centers in India are actually pretty aware that they are calling people in America and no one wants to be awoken for a sales call. They should have just made it somebody misdialing a booty call or something. Dexter tells Rita that he has a crazy day tomorrow, so he will be out of there before anyone wakes. Rita tells him to hold her until he has to go. Damn, she's sweet.

The next morning, Dexter parks outside Freebo's house as cops are swarming it. He says it's just a matter of time before he gets a call. And... he gets a call. It's Angel. He wants to know how long before Dexter can get to the scene. "Uh, 20, 30 minutes." He needs to put on his face first. When he approaches Freebo's house, Deb is there. She's very excited and tells Dexter that this cage is huge. Angel put her on it and this is how she's going to get her detective's shield. Dexter is already perplexed as he walks into the house. How is this case huge? "Who the hell are you?" he VO's to the dead guy on the floor. "I bet you're wondering who the hell he is," Deb says to him. It's a testament to the production of this show that the timing of Dexter's VO's are so sharp. We got ourselves some witty repartee here and only one person is talking.

Deb points out a distraught Miguel Prado in the kitchen, played by the still fairly smoking Jimmy Smits. He's the Assistant District Attorney, whose mission to rid the streets of Miami of crime has been sloganeered with the phrase, "A Safe Miami Is The Only Miami." Vince pops his head in the frame to remind everyone that a safe Miami means they are unemployed. Dexter wonders why he looks so familiar and Angel is there to say that Miguel was just on the cover of Florida Magazine. They sure know a lot about this guy. Dexter should read more. Miguel was called the top prosecutor in the state -- three years in a row. Deb says that he and Laguerta "go way back, you know, that whole Cubano thing." Anyway, Dexter killed his BROTHER. Dead guy on the floor is Oscar Prado. "So much for spontaneity," Dexter VO's. Angel says that Oscar was a coach at a youth club and was there to confront Freebo about selling drugs to his kids. Wrong place at the wrong time, they all agree.

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