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Show and Kill

Miguel is giving a press conference. He says that Miami is a city of families. Meanwhile, Dexter is checking up on Oscar in the police files. If Oscar attacked him, he can't be a hero. He had three traffic violations. This is still outside of the Code. Dexter VO's that Harry created his own vendetta machine, but when he saw him in action, he killed himself. He VO's that Deb can drink in his honor on her own.

Quinn asks Deb if she's having any luck with potential witnesses in Freebo's neighborhood. No, they don't like talking to cops. Quinn says the problem is that they don't owe her anything. He tells her to talk to a friend of his and tell him that Deb wants to "cash in one of [his] coupons." In return, Quinn just wants Deb to remember that he "did [her] a solid." She walks away with the info and he says, "What? Not even a 'thank you?'" She replies, "Thank you. Stop looking at my ass."

At an outside bar on the beach, Deb goes looking for Quinn's source. She looks around until a guy with a guitar is like, "Officer." She sits and asks him if he recognizes Freebo. He does. He saw him on the news after he got off for the killings of the two actresses. He goads her a bit about the bad police work that made that happen. Deb is annoyed. She says that, if this is Quinn and this guy fucking with her, she's not pleased. The guy recommends some fancy pot for her to take the edge off. She says she doesn't take advice from drug dealer -- but he says he isn't (just a user). He got caught in a bust and helping Quinn is how he stayed out of jail. Well, she could be his friend too, she offers. He doesn't need any more friends, so she takes off. But, then she has a thought. She returns with a picture of Oscar and asks if he recognizes him.

Dexter gives a speech about what he does to Cody's class. The kids are bored out of their minds. He tries to teach a geometry lesson with red yarn. Rita laughs at the difficulty he's having. The kids are just not impressed. Cody says to him that it would have been worse if he'd not had a dad to bring. Dexter watches Cody play with his friends and VO's that he should have more father issues than anyone but he just moves on. Rita is crying when he approaches her and she says him being there is just something she's wanted for a long time.

Dexter gets a call from Miguel. He wants to see Dexter right away. At Freebo's house. This is not good. Miguel is inspecting Dexter's yarn trajectory things. He explains the forensics evidence to Miguel. He tells him that Oscar fought like a hero. He says that he bled out instantly and didn't suffer. The music is really tense right now. Miguel asks why Dexter was searching the police database for info on Oscar. Damn. Dex says he wanted to understand what happen. Miguel asks him if it's typical for him to get so involved -- then he apologizes for sounding like a prosecutor. He says it's not typical. He says that this death got to him. Miguel says that it seems unreal that Oscar is gone. Jimmy Smits is really excellent right now. He seems totally devastated. He asks what a soul is. Dexter says he hopes the soul doesn't live forever, but he says that makes him a scientist not a cynic. Dexter mentions that his father died and this seems to mean something to Miguel. He asks Dex to come to Oscar's wake, to see how much he was loved.

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