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Downs's Syndrome

Back at Dex's crib, our main man is doing his research on Mr. Downs, who "got off easy. Four years in a juvenile facility for manslaughter. To the coroner the knife-strokes looked random, impulsive. But I saw the work of a young virtuoso. Too many major arteries were severed." Hmm -- so basically this kid is you, is what you're saying. Although Dexter thinks Jeremy is "just another piece of trash," four years ago he was the "toast of Miami." He watches a QuickTime video of a news report, which reveals that Jeremy killed a young boy when he was fifteen, which would make him roughly nineteen or twenty now. Dexter VOs, "I knew what he was, and what he'd do again. All I had to do was circle my calendar and wait." Heh, word.

Now, Dexter and the kids are doing some yard work, and Rita wants to know if anyone wants lemonade. They all make small talk about lemons, and the new lemon tree, and Cody wants to have a lemonade stand. Dexter says he'll apply for a business license in the morning. Rita thanks Dexter for doing all the hard work, and says, "I moved here from Michigan with images of fruit trees in my mind." Michigan, eh? Apparently, Rita keeps killing the plants she puts in, but Dexter tells her not to worry because he has a green thumb. All of a sudden, we hear, "Hey, Rita," and some really scummy-looking dude wearing a leather jacket (in Miami) is walking up the driveway, looking like a menace. "Paul doesn't live here anymore," says Rita, and the guy laughs. "No shit, he's still in jail. But he still owes me for two ounces of blow, which means you owe me." Now, I don't know much about cocaine, but two ounces seems like a lot. Dexter thinks so, too, and begins walking towards the guy, but Rita tells him to not get involved. "I never know in these situations," he VOs. Rita explains to the gentleman that she doesn't have money to pay him, and he says, "You have a car." "You want my car?" "Yeah, are the keys in it?" What is this guy, from Coco Repo? Cody asks the guy if he knows his dad, and the guy's all, "I sure do, little man! You look just like him!" After telling Cody he'll say "hi" to his dad for him, he looks back to Rita, menacing once again. He threatens to go inside and toss the furniture around and make a mess, but he'd rather just take the "fucking car." Dexter finally chimes in, saying, "Why don't you go inside and get the keys, and I'll wait with our friend here." Rita does just that, as Dexter stares the guy down. At first, the guy plays all tough: "What, you think you take me with your little red shovel?" Dexter maintains his mocking, sardonic glower, which really creeps the guy out and he has to look away. Rita comes back out, and chucks the car key at the dude's face. He snatches it up quickly, hops in Rita's RAV4, and we hear tires screech as he peels out (which is next to impossible in a four-cylinder car-sized SUV like that. They just don't have the juice). Rita's crying.

Later, Dexter's hanging outside the bathroom, asking, "Is everything okay in there?" "Yeah," says Rita, obviously still shaken from the incident. Dexter tells her that he can get her car back, but she doesn't want it. "I just want my past to go away." "Well, it went away in your RAV4." True. So true. "Whatever it takes," says Rita. "I can drive you to work until you get another car," Dex tells her. "Or, I could take the bus like millions of other people. Come on, let's go enjoy this beautiful day." Okay, Rita, whatever. Dude's just trying to help out a little, prove that he's not a serial killer, but hey, you don't want his help? Forget it. Real nice.

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