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Downs's Syndrome

It's the next day (I presume), and Dexter's on his treadmill while reading...about Jeremy Downs, when he gets a call. It's Rita, and she's wondering if it's a "bad time." We get a shot of her sitting at the bus stop as Dexter wonders aloud if Cody needs to be picked up at school. She says "no," but continues that there's a social worker coming to the house that evening, and she's not sure whether the buses are reliable enough to get her there on time. Some woman sitting next to her gives her a glare that basically says, "How dare you question the bus system in this grand city of ours? I ride these buses every day, and if they're good enough for me, they're good enough for anyone!" Rita responds with an apologetic smile as Dexter tells her, "I'll be there." She thanks him sincerely, and we're on the next scene.

Over at the station, Doakes and LaGuerta are co-presenting their case against Tony Tucci, whom they presume to be the ITK, which Deb thinks is bullshit. They've come to the conclusion that Tucci is their guy because they found the missing surveillance tape at his apartment, and it contained video of Tucci himself placing the body parts in the goal at the arena. Definitely pretty damning, but not proof by any stretch. Deb interrupts LaGuerta as she's announcing a "statewide manhunt" for Tucci, asking if he drives a station wagon. "Excuse me, Morgan?" "The last know victim was seen getting into a station wagon." "I don't recall asking for any questions, Ms. Morgan." Damn, Deb! She is your pimp! After the briefing, Deb pissily rolls her chair over to Dex and Angel, and says, "It doesn't make sense. After being so careful for so long, why would he leave recorded evidence?" Good observation, Deb. I think he's clearly just fucking with the police, giving them enough evidence to keep them busy so he can have more time to "play" with Dexter. But you don't know that. Dexter VOs, "Of course I agree with my sister, but unlike her, I'm not upset. He's still out there. And I'm waiting, breathless." I really can't wait to see how this all unfolds. Who is this killer?

Over at Rita's, Dexter is stalling with the aforementioned social worker, telling her the bus is probably running late. "Rita's usually home by now, I'm just backup." The social worker (who is totally played by Beth from Better Off Dead), mentions that Rita's file says she has personal transportation. "Well, she did," says Dexter. "She will again, soon, probably next week?" The woman tells Dexter that it's really nothing to worry about, she just has to make a note of it, but that otherwise, Rita is "doing an exemplary job." Dexter seems happy to hear it. They chat about how all home visits should be this pleasant, and Dexter tells her how he was taken in by a great family that recognized his "special needs," which...heh. She says, "You're lucky." Finally, Rita shows up, practically sprinting to catch the social worker before she leaves, and the two go inside as Dexter VOs, "I am lucky. What do I know about abuse? Without the code of Harry, I'm sure I would have committed a senseless murder in my youth, just to watch the blood flow."

Ooh, it's flashback time! Harry is clearly infirm, with tubes in his nose and everything, lying in a hospital bed as a woman fluffs his pillow and says, "Just try to keep him comfortable, it's about all we can do for him now." We see Dex 'n' Deb looking down, clearly younger, but still being played by M.C.H. and Jen Carpenter. Actually, Mr. Hall's wig is atrocious, but kind of perfect at the same time. Deb says, "I don't understand. A week ago the doctor said he was getting better." "Oh, he is getting better, sweetie," says the nurse (played by Denise Crosby of Pet Sematary and Star Trek: The Next Generation fame). "A body cannot suffer in sweet repose." Okay, she's creepy, and it's definitely on purpose. I think there's something up with her. The nurse takes her leave as Deb wonders aloud what she meant. "She's weird," says Dexter quietly, mirroring my sentiment. Harry speaks weakly: "Listen you two, I won't be around much longer." Deb protests, but he continues, "When I'm gone, I won't be able to stop you from being who you are. Sooner or later, you'll need to do it." Deb looks downright confused, as well she should, because Harry's clearly addressing Dex at this point. "Remember our lessons." "I can't make it without you," says Dexter. "Yes you can. If you feel like you're slipping, lean on your sister. She'll keep you connected."

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