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Downs's Syndrome

Now, Deb's back downtown, among her old haunts, doing some deeper investigating. She's scouring the streets with her eyes, looking for more clues. Abruptly, she stops in her tracks, having noticed the rear end of a wood-panelled station wagon behind a building a little ways away. Debs looks pretty stunned, but begins walking briskly to check it out, almost getting hit by a car in the meantime. It takes her about a minute of screen time to get to the car, which is pretty effective, suspense-wise, as the creepy music slowly builds in the score. It turns out to just be a couple of locals sitting in the car, although what they're up to is rather unclear, and they certainly look shady. Deb says, "Sorry," and saunters off awkwardly.

Over with Doakes, who's having a guy's night with MacNamara and a couple of his buddies in a car. Doakes wants to know why they're "in the Gables," and MacNamara says, "I told you, we're blowing off some steam." Dude, I don't like this. This spells trouble. MacNamara's buddy hands out clown masks, and Doakes is extra big-ass confused. "What the hell is this?" "A disguise," MacNamara answers. Apparently, to MacNamara, "blowing off some steam" means "hunting down one of Guerrero's guys and fucking him up some." Wow. Wow. Doakes, now pissed, is all, "Hold up, Mac, I thought you wanted to go out and get shit-faced, man!" "I am shit-faced," he responds, quite menacingly. Doakes tells him he's all for sending a message, but "this ain't the way, man." MacNamara doesn't care, and he and his buddies exit the car with their clown masks on. Doakes, having none of this, follows them, trying to get Mac's attention. Finally, when he does, he explains that Guerrero has seen his face, and that he'll think he's behind this. One of MacNamara's minions says through his mask, "That's part of the plan, buddy." "What plan?" MacNamara: "You fucked my sister. You fucked a cop's wife. Now? Now you're just fucked." Dude, not cool. Seriously, not cool. You're a dick. I know you just lost your sister, and we all process in our way, but sabotaging one of the few truly good cops on your force has nothing to do with that. It could be worse, I suppose. He could be reprising his stupid Cyril O'Reily four-year-old affectation, and complaining that "Shiwingew wants to touch my pwivates, Wyan." God, I hated that role. Anyhow, Doakes is...well, he's less than thrilled at this development, needless to say, and has no choice but to walk home as we hear the other hooligans break into the Guerrero's buddy's place.

Over at the Homestead Halfway House, Jeremy Downs is playing what sounds like Master Blaster (although I can't be totally sure) in a well-lit recreation room, when the lights go out completely, save for one spotlight that is conveniently and stylistically trained right on him. He looks around confusedly, and yells out, "Quit fuckin' around, turn on the lights!" Dexter comes bolting out of the dark and slams our young killer against a padded pillar. "You're mine, now," he says, holding up his magical paralyzing syringe. "You want to kill me, fag, 'cause I killed the last guy who raped me." Whoa. Hey now. Dexter never mentioned anything about this kid getting raped, probably because he never knew: "What guy? He raped you, the guy you killed when you were fifteen? Why didn't you ever tell anybody?" "Would you?" Dexter VOs, "I understand now." Yeah, you do. "He was taking out the garbage, like I do." Quickly, Jeremy's face turns into Teenage Dexter's and then back again, and Dexter, taking mercy on him, tells him that he doesn't want to cancel his credit cards and go to the DMV, so "just give me back the wallet you stole from my car or I'll break your fucking neck." Jeremy tells him it's in his backpack, so Dexter grabs it and takes off. Jeremy follows him into the hallway and asks, "Wait, is that all?" "You want more?" Jeremy shakes his head. "That boy who raped you four years ago...did he deserve to die?" asks Dex. "Yeah, he did." "Well, the boy the other day didn't. Remember that. It could save your life one day." Downs looks like his mind is blown, and shuffles off, probably to finish his game, provided he's smart enough to find the circuit breaker and get the power back on.

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