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Jennifer Carpenter Emmy Episode

Dexter and Harrison are talking to a counselor. He says that he hasn't noticed any changes in the baby's eating and sleeping habits. She points out that Harrison's cognitive skills are just developing, therefore, there's no chance that he could have any memory of Rita's murder. This is huge news for Dexter. Michael C. Hall is pretty tremendous right here. The idea that his son doesn't have to be damaged in the same way he is floors him. He explains that he saw something traumatic when he was three, but the doctor reminds him that Harrison is only 10 months old. She thinks he's going to be fine. Suddenly, Harrison pops the head off of the doll he's playing with. Uh-oh. He starts to cry, so Dexter replaces it for him. The doctor says that, sometimes, babies Harrison's age can exhibit behavior that's alarming, but they're just releasing energy and it's completely normal. She says that the most important thing that Dexter can do right now is be good to himself and "do something for Dexter." "Dexter will," he replies.

Deb and Quinn are getting stonewalled by the residents of the neighborhood where Mrs. Alvaro was found. As they walk away from another silent person, Quinn tells Deb that he's frustrated that they haven't had sex again. He knows that it's been 9 days and 13 hours. Really? He made that shit up. And his physical gesture for sex? A fist punching the air near his face. Quinn has really classed it up this season. It's been a real privilege to witness. Deb confirms that, yes, he has been counting the hours. He explains that he has an internal clock, which she suggests he unplug. Then, he says that they might as well be married at this point. That's a leap. Deb's reply? "Shit on my face, don't EVER use the words 'we' or 'married' in the same FUCKING sentence again." Do you think she opens her scripts for each episode like a kid on Christmas morning wondering where the pony of a line like that's going to be?

Batista shows up and says that he's not having any luck with the residents either. He points out that they are in a Venezuelan neighborhood and he's Cuban, so he really doesn't have any pull. He mentions that Sgt. Lopez, who we remember Deb not really liking, is from this neighborhood. Deb reminds them that Lopez thinks that the killings are some religious cult thing. Then, she screws up the pronunciation of Santa Muerte and says poop instead. Batista and Quinn love this. Big laughs. She tells Quinn to shut it. So, this Santa Muerte thing looks like it's going to be the big mystery of the season, yes?

Dexter tracks Boyd down at an outside cafe and positions himself so that they run into each other. He joins Dex and Dexter reveals that he's out of work and is named Darryl Tucker. Boyd offers to let Dexter ride with him for the day, to see if he'd enjoy picking up dead animals.

They plan to ride together the next day, so Dexter goes to an abandoned tourist welcome center and sets it up for a kill. While there, he sees Harry, who questions Dexter's plan to kill in the daytime. He says that killing Boyd won't bring Rita back. Stupid ghost. What a stupid thing to say. Dexter proceeds and it looks like everything is OK. Oh, that's why he has those pictures, so he can show Boyd as he's about to kill him.

Deb and Lopez go to some dude to see if he knows anything about the killing. Lopez says that, if anyone knows anything, it'll be this guy. They go into this little store that sells religious stuff and, while they're waiting for the guy to come out, Lopez says that Deb made a smart decision bringing her on the case. They are led into a back room and meet some guy who looks very nervous. They ask if he remembers selling this tiny statue that was found at the crime scene. He nervously denies even believing in the religion, but Deb points out that he has a religious tattoo. He says, in English, that he got drunk one night and woke up with it. He goes back to speaking Spanish to Lopez and Deb barks at him that they were doing just fine in English. He barks back that she lives in Miami and why doesn't she learn Spanish. She replies, "Cause me too busy, making a living." He says that he doesn't have anything more to tell them and Deb stomps out. Once they're in the car, Lopez tells Deb that she knows she's feeling a lot of pressure, but she should take a breath. And, she does! Girl's willing to learn. I like that. Deb says that Lopez will return the next day by herself to see if the guy will talk.

Dexter gets home and notices that Sonya isn't there. He immediately freaks out. She returns moments later with sleeping Harrison. She'd had trouble getting him to sleep and thought some fresh air might help. It did. He reminds her that she didn't answer her cell phone and she reminds him that her hands were full. She notices that Dexter is worked up and points to a note that she'd left him on the fridge. Dex sighs. He VOs that he's not used to looking for notes on the fridge, except from other serial killers. He tells Sonya that he and Harrison are lucky to have her.

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