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It's Always in the Last Place You Look
"Frances," Deb says faux-coquettishly, "If I hadn't already gone through that phase in college, I'd kiss you." New, happy Deb is both delightful and unnerving. Frances reminds Deb she's owed some of the Harry Morgan files Deb was following up on last week. Deb returns them, noting that the last one she checked -- Adrienne Barbeau, you'll recall -- was only useful "as a reminder to wear sunblock." OUCH! You're lucky Maude wasn't alive to hear you rag on her daughter like that. "So far," Deb notes optimistically, "I'm starting to think I fucked around a lot more than my old man did." Well, you know. Every parent wants more for their child than they had.

Dexter hits the murder scene, a harbor-front hotel, already VOing about how he needs to get in and get out, so he can continue his search. Quinn spots Christine and rebuffs her familiarity. "How am I supposed to talk to you when I gotta watch everything I say?" he asks. She confirms that that means he does still want to talk to her, but when he sees LaGuerta show up, he hustles her behind the crime scene tape. Not that LaGuerta doesn't notice anyway.

Inside, Dexter, Angel, Masuka, and LaGuerta examine the corpse, who was shot in the neck from behind before getting robbed. LaGuerta hands out some marching orders, all of which Angel shortly confirms that he's got under control. Paying it forward, Angel snaps at Masuka when he wonders what's up with LaG. Dexter can't take crouching near the victim for five seconds before, as Masuka notes, it looks like he's about to hurl. Clearly, Dexter's not squeamish. He heads out back to gulp some air, and while his head's between his knees, he spots some blood on a nearby cactus plant. Hello, fortuitous evidence!

Outside the station, Lundy approaches Deb while she eats lunch. She gently mocks his sushi lunch, as opposed to his usual cucumber "sammy." "All that cream cheese wasn't exactly helping my cholesterol," he explains. Yes, Lundy, definitely remind Deb about what an old fart she used to date. It's too fuckin' weird for fuckin' Deb who finally fuckin' has a mini-fuckin' freakout over the fact that it's been two years of pretty much zero contact with Lundy, and all of a sudden he's back without so much as a head's up. He apologizes and notes the secrecy of the "task force" he's on. His ears certainly perk up when he hears Deb's on the Lisa Bell case, and though he says Dexter has given him the gist of the Bell case, he doesn't come close to divulging anything about Trinity or the true nature of his investigation. In fact, he asks to tag along on Deb's upcoming interrogation (the guy who went to prison for the bathtub murder 30 years ago is now out of jail and Deb's prime suspect) on the pretext of simply watching Detective Morgan in action. Interesting -- is it that Lundy doesn't trust Deb with the big-picture Trinity stuff ... or did he seek out Dexter because he maybe knows some things about Dexter. Early kudos to Keith Carradine for keeping Lundy as inscrutable as ever.

Back on the promenade, Trinity continues to stalk those same two women. As he pretends to shop for sunglasses, he stares at them ... until he's bumped into by a kid, who gets his ice cream cone all over Trinity's arm. (The kid, by the way, is played by Aaron Refvem who is -- and I am totally serious -- killing it on General Hospital these days as young Morgan Corinthos. The fact that I recognized him from his 1.3 seconds of face time tells me some things about me and General Hospital. Whatever, I've got James Franco on my side!) Trinity notes, with a chuckle, that the "bubblegum gelato" flavor he's been slathered with is "repulsive." Now run along! Catch up with your mom who I mean to kill! Probably while bare-ass naked!

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