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It's Always in the Last Place You Look
vite to discuss the case is about getting close to her again. LaGuerta reminds her that she already has a hot-ass boyfriend, but if she meets Lundy tonight, some closure could set her free. On her way out, LaGuerta asks Deb if her hair looks better up or down. Down, says Deb, absolutely. Hey, watch out, Angel, somebody else is looking at your lady through the eyes of love.

Dexter voices-over impatiently about starting his search for Gomez at square one as he hands LaGuerta a report on the cactus blood -- no match. He tries to hustle out the door, but LaG says no one's going anywhere until they crack this case. "Call home, tell your families they'll see you when they see you." Ahh, there's the merciless LaGuerta I know. She then calls Quinn into her office. She can't tell him who to date, but he should know there's no such thing as "off the record" with reporters, so he should watch it with the pillow talk. That's not a problem for Quinn; "Talking isn't what we do best anyway," he says with a grin. (Does he mean fucking? I need Masuka here to crack this code!) Frustrated, LaGuerta puts her hair up, in full view of Angel. Merciless, ball-busting, and self-sabotaging? This is definitely the LaGuerta I know.

Night falls, and Deb comes knocking on Lundy's door. She wants to set things straight, full disclosure. You see, she says, things with her and Anton are great. Just...great. It's great. Classic Debra sub-verbalness or a sign of latent dissatisfaction? It's tough to call -- she certainly seems to mean it when she says she hasn't been this happy in a long time. Seeing where this is going, Lundy tries to change the subject, but Deb tells him to cut the shit -- he's not here on business, he's retired. Lundy finally comes clean about why he's here and tells her about Trinity and his connection to the Bell case. He shows Deb the crime scene photos and maps and charts he's set up in his tiny office. (We see a series of charts delineating Trinity's three murder "types," each with a different MO: "laceration" (i.e. Bell and the other bathtub killings), "suicide," and "bludgeoned.") "It's become something of an obsession of mine," Lundy says, candidly. Deb is at first fascinated by such an intriguing case (a big part of why I love Deb), then totally embarrassed that she laid herself out there like she did. "I'm an idiot," she says, and she bounces.

Back at the station, Rita has arrived, carting little Harrison in the stroller. She's obviously agitated, and Dexter's certainly given her reason to be, but showing up at his workplace? Rita, don't be that guy. Dex sees her and meets her by the doors. She gives him hell for lying to her about the "fender bender" thing, but she's more worried than anything. She wants to take him home, and she really starts going off about the "insane hours" they make him work, which directly led to his crash. Hey, yeah, I never realized that before. From Rita's point of view, LaGuerta's gotta be maybe the bitch in creation: Not only does she keep Dexter at work 'til all hours, constantly, but Rita also thinks she was carrying on an affair with Miguel Prado, husband of Rita's BFF. That'll make for an odd company booze cruise. In fact, Rita makes to charge into the station to speak to Maria herself, but Dexter stops her. "This is my job," he stresses. "It's how I support all of us." "Unless you wind up dead in a ditch," Rita shoots back, less stridently than she had been. "All these people put in the same hours I do," Dexter says (valid point), but Rita says he was the only one who was in the hospital this morning (equally valid). Dex says the doctor gave him a clean bill of health (lie), then starts to dial the number so Rita can ask him herself. Man, Dexter is really living dangerously right about now. At the last possible moment, Rita says she doesn't need to. She backs down as Dexter assures her he'd rather be home with her and the kids, and he walks her out. Semi-regressive crazy wife attack averted!

Back in the lab, Dexter continues to pound Red Bulls like he's a freshman with something to prove. He tosses an empty one toward the trash can and misses horribly. Maybe Dex should start looking several feet to the left of dumpsters. Masuka asks if Dexter's gonna pick the can up. "No I am not, Vince, you got a problem with that?" Me-YOW, Dexter. Masuka tells him to 86 the caffeine, he's freaking him out. Dexter continues his Clerks-esque line that he's got places to be. So does Vince, of course, but he allows they're not good places. Sure, but the adult video store clerk's gonna get concerned. Dexter strains to find significance in his blood sample and thinks he may have something. He asks Masuka if someone tested positive for an STD, would they have to register with the Miami Health Authority? "And...why would you ask me that?" Masuka asks, defensively. "Yes or no, Vince?" Dexter presses. Two weeks down, two weeks where Masuka's life makes me sad.

So Dexter charges out of the bullpen with data in his hand. He hands it to LaGuerta and tells her he found a guy, Johnny Rose; connected him via a strain of drug-resistant syphilis, then checked against the public records. Maria calls a strategy meeting and lets Dexter go. On Dex's way to the car, Quinn waylays him and tries to joke around about Syphilis Rose. Dexter doesn't have time for this but tries to beg off nicely. Quinn, who is desperately looking for some signal that Dexter's not gonna blow the whistle on him, persists, so Dexter finally has to get abrupt: "Quinn! I have a life, you have a life. Just leave it alone, all right?" Dexter drives off while Quinn looks concerned.

Back inside, Angel pops into LaGuerta's office and asks for a moment. They do a little dance with the Venetian blinds -- LaGuerta wants them up, lest people think something's going on; Angel says something IS going on -- and lapse into a lot of Spanish, but the bottom line is: they're at an impasse. Escucha me, I'll tell you all about it: Angel's not mad about getting taken off the case, just the way Maria did it; Maria says she doesn't even know how to act around Angel anymore. This all seems pretty vague and ill-defined to me, much as I enjoy these two. Angel suggests they take a break, to which Maria "agrees" insomuch as she can't exactly disagree now that he's said it. Neither one of them seems like they want to, though, and after Maria un-shades the blinds, Angel gets up close to her face and lets her hair down. "Why are we thinking ourselves out of a good thing?" Angel asks, softly. He goes back and re-shades the blinds. Oh, and all the while, Masuka's watching from across the bullpen. Of course, it's Masuka, so he's left to ask a could-give-a-shit Quinn what he thinks is going on.

Back at Deb's place, Anton returns home, and Deb practically leaps through their beaded curtain to attack his face. Not that I can blame her. Anton's kinda nonplussed that Deb's so desperately excited to see him. Heavy on the desperate. "I fuckin' love you," she repeats, all while grasping his face like she's about to put a gypsy curse on him. Oh, Deb.

Dexter returns to the boxing ring where -- and here I have to admit that I didn't think of this until I came across it in the forums -- the electricity is still on, despite it being abandoned. Who's paying THAT bill, huh? Anyway, Dex gets a call from Lundy, who wants to talk about Trinity. Dexter doesn't care to talk to Lundy on a good day, but tonight he really has no interest. Lundy gives lip service to how busy a new dad like Dexter must be, but he stresses that Trinity's gonna kill again. Another woman, this one a bit older than Lisa Bell. She's gonna die and she has no idea why.

And speak of the devil, here Trinity is now, waiting creepily on a darkened sidewalk for that woman he'd been stalking to pass by. He's walking a remarkably shabby-looking dog, while she's carrying a bunch of groceries. The woman, by the way, is played by semi-familiar character actress Suzanne Cryer, who I always primarily recognize as being the woman from the "Yada Yada" Seinfeld episode. When she crosses his path, he lets the dog off the leash in order to impede her. He makes convincingly nice small-talk and manages to be folksy enough not to unnerve this woman alone on a dark street. He lies that his dog's name is "Checkers," named by his Republican-loving Mom. RED FLAG, Lady Yada, RED FLAG! Not so much the Republican thing as that this 50+ year-old man let his mom name his dog. Anyway, he offers to take a grocery bag, insisting when she begs off. Ultimately, he ends up walking her to her house and nothing more. This apparently is simply recon. Still, this whole scenario seems to speak well for getting your groceries delivered. After Lady Yada goes inside, Trinity unleashes the dog and shoos the little mongrel away.

Back to Dexter in the boxing ring. Dexter's VOing a whole lot of shit I don't care about -- sorry, it's not exactly profound for me to hear that "Lundy thinks he can predict the future, but I'm more interested in the past; my past." If Dexter's voice-over can't think of anything interesting to say, I'd much rather it shut up. Anyway, he notices yet another spot of blood in the same spot as before. Dexter's reflexes may be slowed to a thick molasses by this point, but even he knows he cleaned that spot u

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