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It's Always in the Last Place You Look
p earlier. So what gives? Then he turns to look directly above, putting his hand up to shield his eyes from the overhead light. A light which looks awfully similar to the one Harry's been bathed in all episode. But also hanging above the ring is a punching bag. And inside that punching six bags worth of Gomez. Dexter mentally thanks "Harry" for "reminding" him the whole time of where he stashed the body. And not to be all "I told you so" about it, but a rested and refreshed Dexter would have made that connection MUCH sooner.

But all's well that ends well! Dexter takes the boat out, disposes of Benny, and returns home. He finds Harry waiting for him, this time sans his warm, glowing, warming glow. Dex gives himself retroactive props for hiding Gomez so well, but Harry's more concerned with how Dexter's juggling his life. "You've got family, work, and a Dark Passenger who's always got one hand on the steering wheel," he says, to the delight of the Showtime marketing people. "I can do it," Dexter tries to convince himself. "I can manage all these moving parts." "Until you can't" says Harry. "Then what?"

Dexter has no answer for that one, so like anybody who doesn't feel like thinking anymore, he goes to sleep. And though we all might be vicariously hoping for a 30-hour slumber for our boy, Harrison starts crying the minute he closes his eyes. "Fuck." Okay, yes, frustrating. But if Dexter can't leverage a car crash and a concussion into Rita taking this late-night feeding, he's not nearly the evil genius he thinks he is.

Next: Dexter deals with his most persistent foe yet: the Neighborhood Watch.

Joe R is now going to take a loooong nap, because watching a guy that tired for so long takes its toll. While he sleeps, email him at

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