Remember the Monsters?

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Couch Baron: F | 742 USERS: D+
Call FEMA!

As much as I hate this episode, I wouldn't have given it an F were it not for this coda in which a bearded, hard-hatted Dexter is working in a lumberyard somewhere. Later, he walks to a small nearby cottage, sits a desk, and stares into the camera, and that's a wrap on what was really an incredibly stupid show. If he'd actually killed himself, it at least would have ended with a little flair, but this faking-his-own-death-so-maybe-there-will-be-a-movie thing is the final insult. And speaking of which, I will personally donate to any Kickstarter campaign devoted to making that film not happen. Thanks for reading and suffering along with me. You can now catch me covering Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D..

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