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She tells him he was meant to be happy -- which WHY? -- and then the doctor enters to check her stomach and ask how she's feeling. Deb babbles about wanting to go hiking again, and I think most laymen would guess that confused and inappropriate statements like this from someone who's been through physical trauma are an indication that something might be wrong. But this "doctor" is like, "Haha, no hiking for you yet!" Dexter asks for Deb's prognosis, and the woman tells him that while the bullet bounced around a lot, it didn't hit anything vital. Dexter asks if that means she's going to be all right, and the doctor says there will be a lot of recovery time, but she's optimistic. Recapping it as closely as I do, I'm fairly certain she doesn't use the expression "out of the woods" or the equivalent even though someone present will seem to have heard that.

When the doctor's gone, Deb wonders if Hannah likes Argentina, but Dexter tells her she didn't go either because of Elway. Deb, lying in a hospital bed with her insides in shreds because of Dexter, beats herself up about putting Elway on Hannah. This is hard to watch, and not for the reasons the show thinks. Dexter at least tells her not to blame herself before confiding that he's thinking of sending Harrison on with Hannah and catching up after he's taken care of Daniel. Deb's like, "You heard the doctor, I'm fine", and I heard the doctor and THAT'S NOT WHAT SHE SAID, and she urges him to go and leave Daniel to MM because they'll catch him, which at least injects some hilarity into the scene. She gets him to say goodbye, and he heads out.

When he emerges, Jamie sees him and sends Harrison over. Harrison asks if he can see Deb, but Dexter tells him she needs to rest. He then informs his son that he was born in this hospital, and he was with Deb the first time he saw him.

Then we head into a flashback. Obviously, since Harrison's birth happened between seasons, this is not a scene we've viewed before, but they have Deb in a shoulder-length wig (or maybe they just styled her hair hard) and lots of girlish (well, for Deb) excitement. Inside the nursery, a nurse points them to the right baby, and Dexter looks typically befuddled (his robotic nature at least prevents this from being too schmaltzy) while Deb beams.

We're then back in the present as Matthews appears and Dexter thanks him for calling. Matthews asks if there's anything he can do, so Dexter takes the opportunity to ask for some police guards for Deb. But Matthews is like, "Way ahead of you", and on cue, two uniforms appear and move into position as soon as Matthews actually snaps his fingers, which I kind of love. However, I'm sure we're supposed to take this as an example of Matthews' special concern for the Morgans, but let's not forget Deb shot a desperate serial killer who's still at large. Wouldn't this be standard procedure?

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