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Man On The Run

A while later, Doakes awakens inside the cocaine cage in the cabin. He slowly realizes where he is, and he yells out, "You're gonna have to kill me, Morgan!" Dexter shuts the front door, and collapses against it. How the fuck is he going to get out of this one? "You're gonna have to fucking kill me, Morgan! Mooorgaaan!"

Okay, so now he's got Doakes locked up. He has time to get rid of Jimenez and get his head right, but what about that gunshot wound? I know he's medically trained, so he can probably treat it himself, but he's still going to have to explain his limp. Does he have the supplies in his house? Will he be limber enough to climb back through the window without alerting the Feds? And what the hell is he going to do with Doakes? He can't kill him, because he's innocent (sort of), but what about Harry's first rule? Man, this is a mess. I hope he can figure it out. He's certainly not out of the woods with Lundy, either. I mean, Lundy himself said that he's not accusing Doakes, he's just his primary witness. Dude, crazy. But I'm sure our man will think of something...

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