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Man On The Run

Later, as everyone's getting into their cars, Dexter watches Angel escort Lila into his car and VOs, "Can't live with her, can't kill her." Isn't that what he said about Deb? And why can't he kill Lila? That'd be so sweet. "She's not going away." Then, viewing the FBI vehicle that's been tracking him all day: "Neither is that undercover car." Jesus, dude, what do they know? "So much for paranoia. Those Feds are real." Dex pulls out, and so does the undercover car.

Dex gets back to his apartment, and makes a beeline for the air conditioner. He quickly rips off the face, and sees that the slides are gone. "Lundy found my slides. It's over." Damn, dude. That must feel really crappy. Dexter hears a shuffling noise and quickly replaces the air conditioner's face as Deb steps out and says, "You're out of shampoo." "What are you doing here?" asks Dexter, somewhat frantically. "My new place isn't set up, yet. I don't want to make a habit of staying at Lundy's, I mean, what if people find out? It'd be a whole new reason to disrespect me. Maybe they already know, they keep assuming I have some sort of inside intel. They're always asking me what Lundy knows." "What does he know?! Tell me." "Fuck, Dex, I'm talking about my feelings here. What the fuck is your problem?" Classic Deb. She continues to babble about her "complicated" situation, and Dexter starts pacing. "I feel like he's someone I can, you know, count on." "That's good, Deb. You should have that," says Dexter absently. "I won't always be --" He's interrupted by a knock at the door. "Who the fuck is that at this hour?" says Deb, heading towards the door. Oh, shit. Could this be it? No way, they still have three episodes left. Dexter in jail is certainly no fun. Although I can't say he's been much "fun" lately, anyway. "Deb, don't --" But it's too late. She's already opened the door to reveal a couple of Feds wearing earpieces. "Dexter Morgan?" says the main guy. A close-up on Dex's face reveals how freaked he is. "Special Agent Lundy wants to see you. Please come with us." "Wait, Lundy didn't say anything about this to me," says Deb, once again making it all about her. Listen, Deb. Is this show called Debra? No, it's called Dexter, so cram it with walnuts, butthole. "I'm sorry, Deb," says Dexter, moving to go with the suited men. "I'm on the fucking task force, I demand to know what --" She's interrupted by her phone ringing, and she answers as Dex heads out with the Feds. As they start walking, Deb tells Dex she's right behind him. "I should be panicked," VOs Dexter as we see him sitting in a dark car, heading to the station. "Terrified. But Lila was right. The mask has been heavy. I won't need it in surrender. I can let it go." A quick flash to the electric chair twenty years ago. "The pain will come when Deb finally understands who her brother really is. Rita's horror. The kids' tears." Teen Dex's face reflects in the window, revealing his horror and fascination as the current pulses through the man's body.

They arrive at the station, and walk in slow-motion as Dex looks into the main office to see Angel, Masuka, and LaGuerta watching him come in. Strangely, they don't look shocked at all. In Lundy's office, Dexter walks slowly towards Lundy and Matthews, who are standing behind a desk, on top of which lie the blood-slides, sitting in a sterile evidence bag. "My old friends, here to betray me." "Please sit down," says Matthews, and he does as he's instructed. "I'm sure that you heard we have a suspect in the Bay Harbor Butcher case," says Matthews, thrusting a box of latex gloves in his face. "Put 'em on." He does. "We now have the evidence to back it up. We need answers. Now." Wait, what the...? "Open it," says Lundy, looking intense. Dexter takes the box out of the evidence bag, and opens it, revealing the slides within. He runs his fingers over them as he has so many times before. I'm sorry, but there are way more than eighteen slides in that thing, just sayin'. I'd say at least thirty. "Explain it to us," says Lundy. "Trophies," says Dexter guardedly. "That's what I thought." "What happens now?" asks Dexter, still not sure what's going on. "I know this will come as a shock to you, Morgan," says Lundy, "but our primary suspect is someone you know well. Sergeant James Doakes." "Sergeant...Doakes?" he says, disbelievingly. "He was the lead case investigator on four of the butcher victims, which put him on my radar. We looked into his background. Turns out his father was a butcher, and abusive. Doakes was also a trained assassin in Special Forces. That, along with his on the job shootings and excessive force citations --" "He fits the profile," finishes Dexter. "Yes. He has a need to...dole out personal justice. Yesterday, Doakes walked out of an interview and disappeared. This morning, we were alerted that he boarded a plane out of the country. That enabled me to get warrants on his apartment and car." Dexter still looks confused: "He had the slides?" "Carefully hidden in the trunk of his car at the airport." Dexter sighs and says, "It all makes so much sense." Matthews jumps in: "Everyone else in the precinct was beyond shocked when I told them." "What, exactly, is Sergeant Doakes's problem with you, Morgan?" asks Lundy. "I kill people, for one," VOs Dex. "But what was it that Sergeant Doakes said about me?" "I've always sensed there was about him," he explains, taking the opportunity to dig Doakes's grave a little deeper. "Like he's hiding in plain sight. I never concealed my doubts." "So he attacked you," says Matthews. "Well, he might try it again, particularly when he finds out he's our prime suspect." "Yeah, that should piss him off," whispers Dex. "We've tried to keep an eye on you from a distance," says Lundy. "The undercover cars?" "Not undercover enough, obviously," says Lundy, with an annoyed glance at the entourage that brought Dexter in. Lundy apologizes for the "abrupt pickup," and explains that they're going to be putting an around-the-clock protective detail on Dexter. "That could...complicate my life." "Dexter, it will keep Doakes at bay." "Good point." "What happens now," says Matthews, answering Dex's previous question, "is we need you to analyze and match these slides, immediately." "Me?" "I'm keeping the forensics in-house. The public needs to see our strengths now. Their trust in us is about to take a major ass-fucking. Now, I'm making you first forensic tech in the chain of custody with these slides. I figure you have more motivation than most to see Doakes brought to justice, so I know you'll be thorough." Dexter silently gathers up the slides and heads to his lab.

On his way, he passes Angel, Masuka, and LaGuerta, VOing, "Sergeant Doakes. He peeked behind the curtain, he saw who I am, but it only put him in the line of fire." Angel is holding one of the bulletins with Doakes's picture on it, and says, "I still don't believe it." "Because it's not true," says LaGuerta. "I don't know --" starts Vince, and Angel just says, "Don't, Vince." LaGuerta can't take it, and heads to her office.

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