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Man On The Run

In the lab, Dexter takes out the slides to begin work, and Deb comes in. "I didn't know. I swear, Lundy didn't tell me." "I believe you," he says, earnestly. "Big fucking manhunt mobilizing out there. We'll get him, Dex." "And when you do, my story has to be stronger than his," Dex VOs. "Don't worry," continues Deb, "I'm gonna be with you every step of the way. Me, and this." She moves her hands to her sidearm. "I have an even bigger favor," says Dex. "Name it." "Move into that new apartment of yours." Deb gives him a look. "Deb, if you got in the middle of this, and you got hurt --" "Hurt? I'm a fucking cop!" "You're my sister first, and I'm gonna worry like a brother, not a coworker." "Well, don't, goddammit! You have enough to worry about." "I can't help it. Deb, the best thing you can do for me is to give me and my protective detail a wide berth." "Fucker," she says, disappointed. "Fine. I fucking hate it, but I get it," she says, hugging him. Aw, that was nice. "One less pair of eyes to worry about," VOs Dex, before getting down to business with the slides. Looking down at the open box, he says, "Just can't get rid of me, can you?"

LaGuerta's Boost Mobile phone rings, and the caller ID displays the intimate name "James." "LaGuerta," she answers. "You know I didn't do this," says Doakes. The shot switches to Doakes, who's outside somewhere, and I'm assuming that since he has cell service, he's not in Haiti anymore. "You know me, Maria. That's not me." "Yeah, but they don't," she says quietly. "What do they have on me?" "They found something in your car." "Oh, shit." She explains to him that the longer he stays out, the worse it's going to get, and the only way she can help him is if he turns himself in. "No one will listen without proof," he says. "Of what?" He says he doesn't want to pull her into this: "Look, the next time you see me, there will be no doubt. Until then, you won't be able to contact me." "Don't you disappear on me, James," she says on the verge of tears. "Maria, I have to do this." "Goddammit!" "Listen to me. I just want you to know that you've meant a lot to me, more than you know, and I...I just want to thank you for that." "What does that mean?!" It's too late, because Doakes has already taken the battery and SIM card out of his phone. Maria looks less than thrilled with the situation.

Back in the lab, Dexter starts processing the slides. First things first: he wipes the box down, getting rid of any fingerprints. "Looks like I won't find any prints or DNA on this box," he VOs. "I can chalk it up to how careful Doakes is. Harry had strict rules about not hurting the innocent, and for all his fury, Doakes is innocent. But there's also the number one rule: don't get caught." Dexter begins swabbing the slides. "Still, he'll fight this, and I'll have to disprove him." Dexter starts filling the test tube rack. "He could win, or he could end up paying for my crimes." Dexter's now finished prepping all of the evidence, and there's a knock on his lab door. It's the lab techs from before, now with a much cheerier disposition. "Mr. Morgan? Special Agent Lundy thought you might need our help." "Please come in," he says. The head tech apologizes for all the previous secrecy: "We were reviewing Sergeant Doakes's cases, and, uh...well, you understand." Dexter gives him a somewhat condescending half-smile, and says, "I need you to do the liquid extractions and centrifuging on these samples. The cells just started digesting." "Then, we'll come back in twelve hours." "No, the samples should be watched at all times. Don't let anyone in or out of the lab, and don't let the incubator dip below thirty-seven Celsius. And please don't touch anything. You understand." Heh, nice one. You take that dick down a peg, Dex. As he leaves the lab, he VOs, "That was satisfying."

Angel stops him on the way to the elevators: "Dex, bro, you okay, man? This shit with Doakes is crazy, man." "Yeah, I have to go, Angel." "Hold on. Are you pissed, or something? About Lila and me?" "Oh, yeah, that." "Dex, I don't wanna get in between us. If you still want her..." "Oh, God, no. Lila's insane. Destructive. A naturally occurring disaster." "So, you don't mind if I go for her, then?" "What? No. Look, Angel, here's the real truth: Lila's just using you to get at me." "So what?" "So what?" "Look, Dex, no one's used me for good or bad reasons since my wife divorced me. Damn sure no one as hot as Lila." Dexter tries to tell Angel that he's missing his point, but Angel isn't hearing it: "Look, first it was the divorce, then getting stabbed was no picnic." Yeah, and now you're going for a severe burning? Have fun, Angel. Nice knowin' ya. "Now this thing with Doakes? Dark days, my friend. Too dark. I mean, I need a light at the end of the tunnel, man, and Lila's it." Oh, brother. This can't end well. Before Dexter can protest any further, Angel gives him a hug and heads back inside. "Angel just doesn't get it. Lila's no solution. She's a problem..." The elevator doors open, and Dexter motions with his hand to his entourage, saying, "Shall we?" They all join him. "Just like my little groupies."

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