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Cloudy With A Chance Of Poison Gas

Dexter breaks into Holly's place, and I can't deal with Harry much at all here, but I do have to point out that one minute he's asking Dexter if he isn't "putting a lot of eggs in the Holly basket," and the next he's opining that Colin Hanks is "determined to find her wherever she is." I mean, do they have a different writer for every word that comes out of his mouth? Dexter finds an address for her boyfriend and takes off... an expensive villa-looking place. A surly teenaged girl answers, or she's at least as surly as possible while hosting a pool party for a bunch of friends. She's the boyfriend's daughter, and she tells Dexter that her Dad's in Spain or Portugal or something, and that Holly is her dad's "sex-retary" and also a "total slampig." She speculates that Holly might be on her dad's yacht, which is "probably some kind of fuckpad," and sticks up her middle finger as a message for Dexter to give to Holly. While Dexter goes about his business, can I just stay and have a cocktail with this girl?

Holly's just turning up to the boat, which gets the Ricochet Rabbit episode title, when we see Colin Hanks and his two zombie disciples pull up nearby, like, HOW COULD THEY HAVE FOUND HER? I suppose it's theoretically possible that after the meeting at Doomsday_Adam's house, they went to Holly's place, which Colin Hanks could have taken note of while she was in his custody, and tailed her here, but given how heavily they slather on the exposition normally, I find it hard to believe the writers thought of that and then didn't show it. Also, there's no reason they wouldn't have just taken her at the apartment. Regardless, the three of them quickly get onto the boat and capture Holly, and soon, Colin Hanks has the boat moving.

Batista finds Quinn sleeping at his desk and chews him out, and I DO NOT CARE. Deb and Anderson then join them, and Anderson lets them know that Colin Hanks's psychiatrist passed away a couple years ago, but he got a court order releasing the records, and Colin Hanks was on anti-psychotic medication, as he'd had violent tendencies since childhood, a lack of empathy, and delusions of grandeur -- the shrink even thought he killed his parents. Well, I hate to speak ill of the dead, but how is it that Lisa seemed not to know about any of this? Or maybe she did and was just weird about discussing it, but you'd think she'd at least have inquired as to whether he was keeping up with his medication. Oh, I see, it's all so Deb can note how odd it is that Colin Hanks's sister seemed to think he was a good guy and Dexter can pointedly respond "Maybe she didn't know," like STOP DRAWING CLUMSY, TENOUS PARALLELS BETWEEN YOU AND COLIN HANKS, DEXTER. Not only is it annoying, but, and I hate to say it, Colin Hanks is a lot better at what he does that you've been lately.

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