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Cloudy With A Chance Of Poison Gas

Dexter and Harry have a tiresome little bitch session as Dexter tracks down the Ricochet Rabbit, and as he conveniently knows the marina where it's housed, he heads out.

Deb tells Saint Therapist about her freak-out, and Saint Therapist focuses on the significance of the church, realizing that Deb probably associates it with loss, given all the funerals she's been to. Deb then tells Saint Therapist about how Dexter calmed her down, and realizes how Dexter's always there for her, even relating how when she had nightmares as a kid, she'd sneak into Dexter's room and curl up on the floor, and Dexter wouldn't even know she was there. She asks if that's weird, and Saint Therapist, as you'd expect, turns the question around. Deb thinks about it, and then smiles: "Not really. He's my brother. I think it's sweet." Aw, Deb! It's not too late for you! In my book, that is, which is all I care about.

It's night, and the boat is parked, and let's cut to the chase: Beth is initially reluctant, but Colin Hanks tells her they'll be purifying Holly's soul, and after he slits Holly's throat, Doomsday_Adam stabs her. Well, that was lovely.

Meanwhile, Dexter is just getting home, and I'm not sure what urgent errand he's been up to since he figured out what marina to check out. He was leaving the station in a huge hurry; how far away does he live? And how drunk are the writers when they break these episodes? Dexter's chagrined to find Greene there waiting to take Jamie out on a date, as he was hoping she could stay, and they have these things called PHONES, Dexter. I mean, he's had Harrison for a while; he doesn't know the drill of childcare by now? Dexter resigns himself to staying home, and things only get worse for him when Greene corrals him into looking at his game while Jamie puts Harrison down.

So the game is called Homicidal Tendencies, and the twist is that you, the player, can be a serial killer -- Dahmer, Jack The Ripper, the Bay Harbor Butcher. DVO unnecessarily tells us he is the Bay Harbor Butcher, and then correctly tells Greene that his concept is offensive. I mean, yes, there's this, and also the Dexter video game, but even if you're okay with the concept of being a random or fictional serial killer, being able to choose Jeffrey Dahmer is a bridge too far, and I'm disappointed in Greene that he doesn't see that. Not to mention the concept, in my opinion, pales in importance to the game features and playability, so this is just another way to get at Dexter's Seasonal Issues that manages to be both shoehorned and on-the-nose, as he asks who would choose to be a serial killer. I'm with Dexter, though, when he tells Greene that it's a bad idea and he should do something else. Yeah, go back to that awesome Batista representation! Greene is so upset by Dexter's rejection that he actually cancels his date with Jamie and runs home, not that Dexter's opinion really means shit if Greene has sold a bunch of games already and as such should really be running it by buyers, so Jamie resignedly asks if Dexter still needs a sitter...

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