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Cloudy With A Chance Of Poison Gas

...and then Dexter hits the marina and discovers that the boat is gone, so he sets off an alarm that gets the security guard out of his office and sneaks in to review the place's camera footage. The guard stopping to have a smoke gives Dexter enough time to see Colin Hanks pulling the Ricochet Rabbit out, so he pulls up the boat's records and sees that it has something called "Sea Tracker" and takes note of the password (seems a little self-defeating for the password to be on the registration)...

...which he's then relaying to someone at Sea Tracker, I guess. He tells the guy on the other end that his girlfriend ran off with his boat and he doesn't want his wife to find out, getting the sympathetic dude to give up the boat's location without the usual protocol of informing the police...

...and next thing you know, it's dawn, and it seems really dubious that Colin Hanks would take the boat too far away from Miami, but I don't know how else to explain the fact that Dexter isn't there yet. It must have taken him at least sixteen hours to go from the station to home, then to the marina, then here. I mean, what a joke, right? Unless he decided to crash for the night, but he never does that with a kill in sight. Anyway, on the boat, Colin Hanks, wearing a protective suit and mask, is tending to some chemicals he has cooking in a lab he's constructed on the boat; satisfied with the progress, he takes twin metal canisters out onto the deck and presents them as "wormwood" to Beth and Doomsday_Adam, who, you'll be surprised so learn, simper at him like morons in response. Doomsday_Adam asks if that's it, but Colin Hanks tells him they have to cover their tracks, as the world won't end if they go to jail without finishing their tasks. Well, it might anyway, but then they wouldn't get their seventy-two virgins. (Wrong religion?)

Deb checks the dead call girl's stuff and does some POLICE WORK (shocking, I know) involving a card from a flower shop to figure out that Matthews was her regular john. She's like, fuuuuuuuck, and it's hard to blame her, but when she calls Dexter, he has to tell her he's got some personal business. She, however, is cool with waiting until he gets there, adding that she knows he's got her back when it counts. Dexter's like right, gotta go...

...while Batista notices Greene being all sad puppy about his stupid game and don't make me start hating you too, and also I'm surprised that Batista would go out of his way to chat with Greene since he was willing to call his own sister a two-dollar whore rather than have him date her, but Greene is happy to talk to someone -- he's found a post from Doomsday_Adam at his home talking about how he and his wife have been chosen to be soldiers in the final battle. So not only did they track down Holly, implausible as that already was, but they waited to do so until Doomsday_Adam recorded yet another stupid video comment? I'm amazed, truly. Batista agrees that the guy seems batshit enough to be worth checking out, and Greene goes the extra mile by providing Batista with Doomsday_Adam's real name and address. Batista compliments his work, prompting Greene to whine after he's gone that it's nice that someone appreciates him, like, first off, you've got a nice, hot girlfriend who puts out, and I also must say that it comes off as a little desperate to be so jazzed about a compliment from a dude who CALLED YOUR GIRLFRIEND A TWO-DOLLAR WHORE TO TRY TO STOP YOU FROM DATING HER.

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