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Remorse of a Different Color
eral hours ago but also has seen his mood swing with the warm Florida breeze lately. He tells Dex he was confused before, but not anymore. And he'd appreciate if Dexter kept this whole ugly "accident" under his cap. Just like Arthur will never mention "Kyle's" "accident." This I do kind of like. The one level of mutually-assured destruction that masks a whole, more brutal level of mutually-assured destruction.

Arthur pulls up to traffic at a standstill. DVO notes that it's one of Debra's DNA sweeps. Dex plays it cool -- he knows he wants Trinity to himself, so this checkpoint is no good. But he wants to make it Trinity who must weasel out of it. Dexter calmly notes that this is probably for that serial killer the papers are talking about. "They have his DNA," Dexter feeds him, "and they're looking for a match." Arthur, to his credit, plays it just as cool. He calmly notes other cars pulling U-turns to get out of the logjam, and he follows suit. After a few more moments of DVO yammering about remorse we're out.

Next week: Jonah Mitchell makes a move. Though probably not the kind I'm hoping for.

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