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Up In Smoke he's sending Jamie to take Harrison to his grandparents in Orlando. Jamie thinks Dexter is packing too much stuff, as Harrison will only be gone a few weeks, and Dexter is like, no, totally! In no way might this be a permanent thing, brought on by my totally nagging yet, I'm increasingly suspecting, completely correct sister! Jamie says she might spend a few days up there herself, and Dexter gives her some cash and tells her to enjoy before she takes some stuff down to the car. When she's gone, Dexter tells Harrison that Astor and Cody are jazzed to see him, and he should be good for his grandparents. DVO says he's only doing this because of Speltzer and not because of Deb, and I'm sure in a minute Dexter's going to go hug piss-stained Lamby to drive home the point. Dexter tells Harrison that he loves him more than..."Pizza!" Harrison finishes, and I can't think of anything more touching than that, for serious. Dexter takes Harrison down to the car, and the rather plaintive music cue suggests that we should take a moment to say goodbye ourselves.

We're back at Victor's odd apartment building, and Isaak Pullo blithely slices open the police seal on Viktor's door and enters. He looks fairly emotional as soon as he's inside, but after a moment, he grabs a picture frame and sits down. He puts on his glasses and then opens up the back of the reveal a photo of him with his arm around Viktor. Immediately overcome, he says something in Ukrainian that I believe is simply "My Viktor," and adds that he'll avenge his death. And his reaction could be that of a father or a seeeecret loooooover (yep, the song's stuck in my head now), but on consideration it doesn't seem particularly logical that he'd want to hide Viktor being his son if that were the case, not to mention now we have an explanation for the bent building. Still, I think the writers missed an opportunity: A mere "Viktor, I swear," would have been so much more evocative.

Post-funeral, Deb and Batista are outside watching the waitress's coffin being loaded into the hearse, and when it drives away, Deb sees that Speltzer is standing nearby with a taunting look on his face. She hightails it over to him, awesomely taking off her dress shoes on the way without missing a step, but before she can do much more than curse a blue streak at him, Batista appears and drags her away while Speltzer laughs in her face. And sure, this is needed to push Deb down the slippery slope, but it's earned; he's paying her back for her interrogation tactics. And she reacted just as he hoped, leading to...

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