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Up In Smoke

Dexter goes on to admit that he killed Trinity, although he oddly declines to say when; now that he admitted that he was hunting the guy beforehand, I'm not sure why it's a big deal that he got rid of him before he actually found about Rita having been killed. Deb asks if he loved Rita, and Dexter, offended, wonders how she can even ask him that, but Deb won't be so easily cowed: "Because I suddenly have no idea what's the truth and what's a fucking lie with you anymore." She goes on to wonder how he could have engaged in the particularly perilous game of going after Trinity if he cared about his family so much, and asks if he's even capable of love. Dexter replies that he loves Deb, but she can't wrap her head around that despite his attempted explanation that this is how he's lived his whole life. "Before the moment you walked into that church, did you ever question the way I felt about you?" Deb kind of can't believe that's his argument, and I think I have to agree - before she walked into that church, she also thought of you as a lab geek, a harmless guy, and also, apparently, appropriate dating material. It was kind of a watershed moment. Deb does not get to berate him further, however, as she gets a call from Batista informing her that Speltzer has been found...

...and as we cut to Speltzer, who's in the interrogation room, on the monitor, Batista informs the team that a security guard at "the scrap yard" spotted Speltzer and called the police. It took four officers to bring him down, and they surely would have shot him if he'd had a weapon. LaGuerta goes on that he hasn't asked for a lawyer yet, so they've got a shot at a confession, which is really their only play, given that there was no DNA at the crime scene and the fact that Speltzer was masked prevents Deb from making a positive ID. LaGuerta asks Deb and Batista if they're ready, and Deb's "Fuck yes" answers for both of them, as probably won't surprise you.

At the strip club, Isaak Pullo is checking out a photo of Dexter and says that he "looks familiar," so I guess he didn't really have any idea who Greene might have been talking about last time. That's a little disappointing, really. Isaak Pullo makes up for it, though, by exasperatedly correcting Jason Gedrick when he says that Dexter is a "blood splatter" analyst, and the fact that Isaak Pullo is so impatient with that particular error suggests that he and Dexter would have a real shot at being friends with some admittedly large circumstances changed. Jason Gedrick says that their research shows that Dexter's a pretty normal guy - the only irregularity worth noting is the murder of his wife. Isaak Pullo then asks about Greene, and when he's told that he worked for MM as well, wonders if Viktor's death was payback for killing Anderson. Well, in part and in a way, but it's so different a scenario from what you're envisioning that it's quicker just to say "no." Jason Gedrick then mouths off about how Viktor screwed them real good with this Anderson stunt, and if he notices that Isaak Pullo fixes him with a look that should by rights be causing all the vodka in the place to go up in flames, he doesn't acknowledge it; instead, he goes on that everything was going great for them until Viktor showed up in Miami.

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