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Up In Smoke

Isaak Pullo grits that Viktor was a good man - he was loyal, committed, "and he was here to do what you couldn't: keep the Colombians from taking over our traffic!" Well, I'm not particularly trying to defend Jason Gedrick, especially given how dumb his hair is, but it's hard to see how even killing Soroka was instrumental to Viktor's work with "the Colombians." You kind of have to concede that killing a cop on top of that wasn't the greatest business decision. The show seems to tell me we're friends again when it proves my point by having MM conduct yet another raid at this very moment, and Quinn makes a big show of yelling the by-now-usual marching orders for everyone within. Quinn and Nadia then engage in some flirtation, and even though it's pretty light this is Quinn and a stripper we're talking about, so it's not a shock when this African-American female cop (she was on the scene in the premiere when Anderson's body was taken away; she's listed on IMDb as "Detective Angie Miller") is like, "Do not tell me you are fucking her." I like her already. She steps away from Quinn, and I don't blame her, but that leaves Jason Gedrick free to sidle up to Quinn and essentially offer him some cash and blow to make all this go away, an offer the type of which it's implied Quinn regularly accepted back in his Narcotics days. Not this time, though...

...which forces Jason Gedrick back into the office, wherein he complains that Viktor's dead, so why don't the cops get off their collective back? Isaak Pullo, his equanimity back, muses that maybe Dexter and Greene were working alone, so I guess he didn't buy Greene's story about hating Dexter, as obviously true as it seemed. Jason Gedrick offers to take Dexter out, but Isaak Pullo wants to talk to him, presumably in an effort to find out his game. Jason Gedrick wonders exactly what they're supposed to do in the meantime, given that they have two boats out there waiting to drop off their supply, "even though we can't move what we already have." Oh, just so you know, in the earlier scene with Quinn and now here we've gotten shots of a random forty-ish bartender, who gets the focus of Isaak Pullo's attention as he asks if "Alex" is "one of [theirs]." When Jason Gedrick confirms that, Isaak Pullo suggests they give the cops what they want, and I doubt the episode title was pointed in this Alex's direction, but it wouldn't be bad advice for him to follow.

Harrisburg Metro. Speltzer, looking slightly the worse for wear, sits as Batista gives him his good-cop spiel about how four on one wasn't a fair fight (disagree) before telling him that his lieutenant is going to come in and ID him for being at the death maze, and he's sure she got it wrong, being a woman, and Batista is trying so hard with the misogynism that I'm surprised he's not like growling, but, as Deb looks on with satisfaction, Speltzer seems to be amused by Batista going on about Deb squawking in his ear like a bird and how he envies Speltzer, as he's been wanting to pop Deb "in that beak of hers" for years. I never thought of Deb as particularly birdlike, although if there's some sort of mynah out there that's only ever learned profanities, there might be a resemblance. Having warmed Speltzer up, in a manner of speaking, Batista leaves the room...

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