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Up In Smoke

...and outside, wishes an approving Deb luck. So, too, does Dexter, despite his desire to kill Speltzer himself, because, as DVO explains, "Deb needs this more than I do, and she needs to do it her way." Inside, Deb asks if Speltzer remembers her and compliments him on his maze-building abilities; meanwhile, behind her, Batista is surreptitiously making "blah blah blah" hand motions that are funnier than they have any right to be. Deb sits down and asks if Speltzer really doesn't remember her; when he doesn't respond, she wonders if maybe she's not pretty enough...and then takes out a photo of an attractive fortyish blonde and offers, "Your mom sure was pretty." You guys, shit just got real. Any amusement Speltzer was feeling and then some drains away immediately as Deb goes on to note that his mother died a few years ago. "Cast a long shadow, I bet." She asks what Speltzer thinks of the girls that go home with him - that they're stupid, easy? "That they're whores?" Speltzer looks at her with a glare that betrays just how on the mark Deb is, and she goes on to speculate that those girls would have to be to let him have his way with them. "Girls like that are vulgar. But girls like that sure do look like your mom."

It's been a long time that this show's been on, so maybe I'm not giving her enough credit, but I don't know that I've ever seen Deb dig into the mind of a serial killer like this; it's interesting timing given everything she's learned this season. Speltzer is getting twitchy under this line of questioning, and Deb presses her advantage, wondering if a woman as pretty as his mother had a lot of admirers, men who came home with her, watched her take her clothes off, and then nailed her. Speltzer breathes for her to shut up - the first words he's uttered since Deb entered the room, you'll note - and Deb, her voice practically a whisper/singsong now, asks him if he heard her as a child. "You could hear how much she loved getting fucked by all those men." I wonder if Batista has made his hand gestures more obscene to match the turn of this conversation. Deb brings it on home, asking if he was actually turned on by those proceedings, and Speltzer gets to his feet and seethes that he should have killed Deb like "[he] killed that other bitch!" Apparently this is a sufficient confession, although it seems fairly non-specific to me; regardless, Deb stands triumphantly and tells Speltzer to go to hell. After she and Batista emerge, she favors Dexter with a smile...

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