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Up In Smoke

...but that evening, in the parking lot, when Dexter catches her and asks if she'd like to grab a drink, she looks like he just sprouted horns. I know a Colin Hanks painting she might be into. Dexter uncertainly goes on that he thought she might be in the mood to celebrate, but Deb is still feeling bad about that waitress dying. Come on, Deb, it's probably been almost twenty-four hours at this point! Live in the now! Dexter tries to get her to accentuate the positive of Speltzer being incarcerated, but Deb has something else on her mind - she's been thinking a lot about Rita. Well, that'd put me in quite a mood too, I have to confess. Deb tells Dexter that Rita died because of him, because he was selfish. Dexter deflates a bit as Deb goes on that he has a son who's only three and needs protection, and when Dexter sharply says he provides that, Deb gets more specific: "Someone needs to protect him from you." Dexter looks a little hurt, but when Deb goes on that Harrison could go live with his grandparents and siblings, Dexter bites out that he's a good father and is the only person who can and should raise his boy, "who like me lost his mother."

Deb, however, is not about to give in to that argument, and urgently tells Dexter that it isn't fair of him to expose a child to his life, and he has to decide between his desires and his family. Dexter denies that, but Deb goes on that he obviously doesn't want to stop, and as such he's a magnet for trouble. "Bad shit is gonna find you!" Dexter merely replies that if that happens, he'll handle it, and on some level, he either isn't hearing her or doesn't want to hear her. But, and I hate to bring up anything to do with last season, but does Dexter not remember the finale, in which Colin Hanks was about to (and really should have) sliced Harrison open with a wooden sword? Which in the show's chronology probably happened no more than a couple weeks earlier?

Deb considers her next words carefully before asking what would have happened if he'd been just a few minutes later to Speltzer's maze, and adds that he was too late to rescue Rita. Dexter, determined not to acknowledge how clearly right Deb is, breathes that he should have killed Trinity when the opportunity first presented itself, and while that doesn't negate what Deb's saying, I'll certainly agree with him there. Deb is incredulous that that's the lesson he learned, but he reiterates it and says he'll never EVER make that mistake again, so I guess he's discounting the fact that he ALREADY MADE THE SAME MISTAKE WITH COLIN HANKS, and man, I can't get away from Season Six any better than Dexter can get away from killing. The difference being, obviously, that I'd like to. Deb tells him it's not in his control, but Dexter, sounding a bit, well, manic, replies that everything is in his control. He seems to realize how out there a statement that is, and takes a moment to close his eyes and pull himself together, but he declares in no uncertain terms that he's not giving up Harrison before getting in his car and bouncing. Of course, if he can just find some rando killer who thinking giving up his kid was the best decision he ever made, I'm sure Dexter will reconsider posthaste.

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