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Up In Smoke

Alex, not needing long to figure out there's only one path available to him, slugs back the booze, and Isaak Pullo assures him that it'll be quick, "like turning off a light." "Quick" isn't the same as "painless," you'll notice, but hey, I guess there's only so far even Isaak Pullo is willing to upsell this. Alex puts the gun in his mouth, but Isaak Pullo repositions it so he'll be shooting it into his temple, and while I think one would probably be as effective as the other, I appreciate his attention to detail. Alex, crying a little, says, "For my family," and Isaak Pullo nods with an appropriate amount of gravitas before Alex pulls the trigger. Isaak Pullo barely even blinks, much less flinches, which makes me wonder how many former employees' kids' educations he's currently paying for.

At the station, Dexter is working in his office when he spies Hannah entering. Their eyes meet, and after DVO gives us some unnecessary expository crap, she comes over, and after a bit of chitchat, lets us know that the Sheriff's Department found the body of one of Randall's victims. Dexter confirms that, saying they went back one last time and expanded their perimeter, and Hannah tells him that her lawyer "said it was for the best" that she cooperate in helping them find the rest of the victims. Not sure that makes tons of sense, but I suppose now that they know Randall was telling the truth, they're going to be redoubling their efforts to find the other two corpses. Anyway, that's probably irrelevant, as Hannah is also there for another reason - she heard that Dexter was the last person to talk to Randall before his death. Answering her unspoken question, he informs her that Randall's last words were about her. Hannah's reaction to that is decidedly mixed, and she tells Dexter that it was too painful to stay in contact with Randall after they were both sentenced to their respective punishments.

Dexter wonders where the two of them intended to go, and Hannah confesses they didn't have much of a plan at first - they were just trying to get out of Alabama. Eventually, they decided they were going to head for Argentina and settle down on a farm. She laughs as she goes on that they were living on farms in Alabama, so she's not sure why they thought it would be so different in South America. Rather than launch into a detailed analysis of farming subsidies and export statistics, Dexter asks Hannah if she misses Randall, and Hannah tells him that she misses the way she felt back then, the feeling that life was just beginning and that anything was possible. Hannah asks if he knows that feeling, and Dexter, very thankfully unimpeded by a DVO, has a nice long moment of ambiguous consideration before he shrugs that no, he doesn't. Hannah, looking like maybe she doesn't buy that, realizes her lawyer is looking for her. She heads off, but not without turning back and favoring Dexter with a smile. Staying with that shot, we see LaGuerta walk into frame, and we follow her into Deb's office, wherein she holds up a police DVD and intones, "We have a big problem." Well obviously you do, LaGuerta, if you're not even using thumb drives to carry your media around!

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