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Up In Smoke

Oh, it's even worse than that. You see, in the course of subduing Speltzer, the cops were forced to use their clubs; then, when they asked if he understood his Miranda rights, they got no verbal confirmation, although it did appear that Speltzer might have nodded. Speltzer's public defender ran with this, arguing that since at one point, Speltzer was knocked unconscious, it's entirely reasonable to conclude that he did not in fact understand his rights. I mean, liberal here and all, but that seems like a harder sell in the case of someone who's been arrested on numerous prior occasions, no? Deb is devastated, and gets more so when she learns that Speltzer is already free - the judge threw out his confession, and he was subsequently released about two hours earlier, during which time he made it clear that he'll be suing the Department for use of excessive force. On THAT one, I think the police recording isn't going to be his friend. Deb wonders what they can do, but LaGuerta tells her nothing. DVO, on the other hand, thinks there's something he can do, but any planning will have to wait, as Quinn gets a text about Alex having offed himself. Like the strip club hasn't been a sad enough place to work as it is.

Outside Alex's street, Isaak Pullo and his goon watch from their car surreptitiously as Isaak Pullo snits that it's disrespectful that the police on the scene aren't wearing uniforms. The goon, well trained as he is, does not point out the irony of Isaak Pullo complaining on Alex's behalf when he's the one that forced him to blow his own brains out; instead, he gets Isaak Pullo's attention - because Dexter has come into view. Satisfied with this development, the Ukrainians drive off...

...while inside, Alex is lying in a pool of his own blood, very dead. Dexter gives his analysis, Masuka declares his intention to check the gun and make sure it's the one that was used to kill Anderson, and everything's great! Except, as DVO reminds us, Dexter knows that it was Viktor who killed Anderson, so whatever happened here can't be as it appears; he jumps to the correct conclusion that someone at the club wants the investigation to end. Dexter, however, is not the only one who smells a rat - Batista thinks it's odd that Alex still had photos up of his wife and kids; if he had been carrying on an affair with Soroka, as the suicide note suggests, why would he subject himself to the constant guilt the photos would induce? Quinn still thinks that Alex is the guy, but Batista isn't buying, while Dexter just looks at the two of them like he wishes they'd go get a room already. Me too, as long as I don't have to see it.

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