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Up In Smoke

Dexter arrives home to find Jamie having assembled a pile of toys that Harrison is apparently too old for now. Aw, another character beat that's actually believable! Dexter apologizes for not being there, since they had discussed it, but Jamie, after explaining that she figured it was best to do this with Harrison asleep, tells him it's fine - he can just help her out now. Dexter picks up "Lamby" from the trash pile (it looks like a sock with a lamb's head on it) and wonders what it's doing there; Jamie is like, "Your son hasn't touched that thing in over a year, probably because it's covered in piss." Probably best not to wonder about the stuffed animals I used to favor. Dexter remembers that there was a time Harrison wouldn't go to sleep without it, and Jamie tells him that that's common - once kids start socializing and being part of groups, they tend to get rid of those attachments. She adds that Harrison is a genius, and Dexter fondly smiles, but tells her that Lamby was a gift from Rita's mother when Harrison was born, so maybe they should hang onto it for now. Jamie smiles her assent and heads to the other room, whereupon Dexter gives the air-conditioner a side-eye. Is he thinking about how hard it is for him to abandon his own attachments? Well, we have to figure it out for ourselves, because there's no explanatory DV...oh, wait, there it is. I guess the show has a hard time with that too.

The next day, at the cemetery, Dexter is approaching Speltzer's RV when he sees the man himself emerge from it; he quickly takes cover and keeps an eye out as Speltzer heads for a bulldozer, apparently about to dig a grave. DVO: "He should dig his own." That's a first-draft line, writers. A pensive "That could come in handy" would be more like Dexter's dark wit. Not, of course, that Dexter's going to use it, and not for the normal reasons either. Dexter sneaks into the RV and finds, inside the refrigerator, some steroids, and DVO's like "At least he doesn't mind needles." That's more like it, show. Dexter thinks he can hide around there and eventually use the RV as his kill room; while DVO is telling us this, Dexter looks in the glove compartment and finds the trophy earring Speltzer removed from the mausoleum. Unfortunately, with his attention diverted, Dexter is surprised by Speltzer returning, and Speltzer quickly lunges at him. Dexter tries to overcome him with his martial-arts training, but it's a bit like trying to put a tank into a submission hold; there's only so far that technique can take you. Still, it's a pretty good fight, and Dexter does get Speltzer to the ground at some point, but Speltzer is the one who succeeds in knocking his opponent out, which would be bad news for Dexter even without the 'roid rage.

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